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Tinku Thompson
Call for a Godly Generation
Call for a Godly Generation

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Construction Work Ahead
Summer is a good
time for travel, especially in places where there will be lot of snow during
winters. When spring season starts, it always a joy to see greenery everywhere
again. When Fall season starts, it's beautiful to see all colors of leaves but there...

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Do not neglect Important Things
Your greatest contribution to God’s Kingdom work—and to defeating the Enemy’s efforts against this Kingdom— is to keep up your daily devotions; live a clean, honest, humble, Spirit-filled life; trust God to guard and protect you morally, physically, and spi...

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Real Discipline
Discipline is an important subject which is misunderstood
many times. We see people take different extreme positions when it come to this
subject. Some people just don’t like it since they think that discipline and
love of God are incompatible. Look at what...

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Special Meeting @Minnesota Pentecostal Assembly 

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MPA Family Retreat 2014

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MPA Internet Radio. Songs & Messages

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When Lord Stirs people
There is a particular incident mentioned in the book of
Haggai when God stirred up the spirit of people to come and work on a task. Haggai 1:13-15 “Then
Haggai,   the   Lord ’s messenger,   gave this message of the   Lord   to the people: “ I am with   you ...

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Thought- Stop doubting and believe
After the resurrection, Jesus appeared to His disciples. They were overjoyed and Jesus told them that He is sending them as the Father sent Him. Jesus breathed on them and said “Receive the Holy Spirit. If you forgive anyone’s sins, their sins are forgiven;...

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Thought - Drawing people to themselves
If a Pastor/ Leader draw people unto them and
not to Jesus then there is a fundamental flaw.  When someone is fighting for their leader while
ignoring the commandment of Jesus then you should be concerned. If your heart beats for your leader more than

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Lessons from Ministry Trip
Note:-  I started this post long time ago and it was in draft.  Saw it and thought of sharing. Last year I went on a ministry trip to India. I got the opportunity to meet and spend time with many people who are doing great work for the Lord. Wanted to share...
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