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OK Google+ — tell me why I'm wrong and you don't need saving.
It's no secret that Google desperately wants Google+ to be the cornerstone of how you use the internet. The problem? No one's taking the bait. It might be time for something drastic.
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As a journalist, my expectation would be that you would do your own research vs. link baiting us in an effort to have others to do it for you.
+Kyle Wagner The thing is, I can't think of a single person in the tech press who's actually active on G+ who ever says Google+ is doomed or needs to be saved. This stuff almost always comes from writers who do nothing here or who do nothing except post links to their posts at their sites. Or writers who were active at first and then became like that. If all you do on Google+ is post links to your outside posts, you're simply not going to get much engagement, largely because it feels to the active users like you're either A) using G+ to try and get pageviews (certainly not saying that's you because it clearly isn't) or B) 'testing' for signs of life at G+ like you are with this post. Those of us who actively use G+ know that it's bustling. In fact, I have to trim my circles (though I only really have one that matters) all the time. I can't keep up.

Pinterest+Google might be interesting, but with all due respect, your post isn't likely to get much more than a "this guy doesn't get it" from the G+ community, because, again, no-one who's active here thinks it needs saving. They're too busy sharing and discovering.
Well informed or not, +Kyle Wagner is not guilty of link baiting in the sense that you're implying. Come on, guys.
The article is so full of opinion begging to be corrected, it's hard not to draw that conclusion; it reads overly dramatic in it's presentation, especially when talking about the so called emptiness here.. some examples from the first three paragraphs include...

Google desperately wants
No one's taking the bait.
time for something drastic
people who actually want to be there.
makes everyone act like information hermits
leaving newcomers with a ghost town
no one around to decorate.
made the rounds on Twitter twenty minutes ago.

and all this gleaned from the 41 visible people in his circles?
I'm not arguing the fact that +Kyle Wagner is misinformed or out of touch with what's really going on here at G+. I just don't feel that the article, or his accompanying post here, smells of deliberate link baiting or troll baiting or whatever you want to call it.
Google+ itself doesn't need saving... if a start up had a social product growing as quickly as Google+, they'd be praised more than Instagram. Google, however, may need to add to their social signal repertoire. Google isn't a startup anymore, they're in a dominant position in some sectors of the market, and they need to be keeping their eyes open for opportunities to expand into new sectors which help to preserve their business going forward. Apart from some successful consumer ventures like Android, Google's business is still desktop and open web heavy, neither of which are markets one can be overly confident in as long-term prospects.
+Nicholas Rumas your first response nailed it for me. First thing I did after reading the post was look to see how active +Kyle Wagner is on Google+. In my opinion, it does not yield credibility if you knock something having not put real effort into it, especially a social media application which is a "time in the market game rather than timing the market". Instant gratification has its place and this is not it.

People that know what they are doing with the various social media tools they use don't complain or compare, they get on with it and make it work. Personally, I use both Pinterest and Google+ and I would not merge the two worlds as I like them in separate boxes. As for using Google+, if you need to be validated by others, you will not last long here.
+Kyle Wagner Do some real journalistic work for a change! As for this pathetic attempt at getting people to tell you why you're wrong about a problem that doesn't even exist, +Sean Heffernan and +Nicholas Rumas  nailed it.

And that recent "9 Biggest Wastes of Google's Time & Money" just shows just how entirely and totally crippled you are when it comes to tech journalism.   #smh  
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