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live your live !
live your live !

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From the Dark
Naration : From the dark, Emilia finally arrived to the gate but once again a witch called Swana came and read a spell caused all leaves came to life and pretend to grab Emilia to the deep plantation. Swana was Emilia's half sister who hates her because of ...

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Extra ! Extra !
Portfolio 3rd edition !

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Portfolio 3rd edition has arrived !
Featuring Laura Lar, Lessthen Zero, Bamboo Barnes, Loverdag, and several artists. We had 2 winners in this edition. We proudly presented Portfolio 3rd edition !

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My Profile pic by Lessthen zero

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Summer Oh Summer, I will stand still even the heat kills.
summer is a hard time for everyone. So sad to heard that many Indian's
dead because of the heat wave. I hope the heat will turned off soon. And
for my life, a lot of thing happened. Fall and had no eager to move.
But, love and appreciation from my ...

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My facebook account blocked 3 times. I just a page there now. If you want to contact me trough facebook, please like Elleonna Seraphine page. Thx you <3

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Among the sheep..
am in the imaginary idea nowadays. While my stories and projects in the
pantry, I would like to show you my idea on a  beautiful sim. Ask me
inworld at elleonna seraphine to give you the lm. So,
I was coming home from a carnival tour. There were a lot...

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Headshot for Miss zanze
This month I joined a contest called Miss Zanze. This contest held at 2 phase, first was audition and the last is Final. I had been choosen to be one of their finalist and the other 11 ladies. I am excited to do final. Before that I had been asked to have m...

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A Sakura Girl
   A scary condition now at my country
natural disaster keeps coming back. From flood to earthquake, from
Jakarta to Maluku. I really hope everythings gonna be alright and keeps
praying to a good condition. During new president rules, several
disasters ...

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An empty room after party..
     Today , I promise to myself to work for some blogs, several projects and help Fuzz with the event. A lot of work to do, but I determine to do several blog posts. For first post today, it is my dedication for my friend, my boss who always listen to me a...
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