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A share can save a life!!

If you see certain behaviors leading you to the idea your friend is concise ring suicide. PLEASE look out for them and help.

So here are some contacts:

Suicide prevention
1-800-273-TALK (8255)

University of Utah Healthcare:

Davis Behavior Health:


So... I need to get this off my chest. It hurts knowing your best friend left you. Honestly. I feel like such a failure. My best friend committed suicide a couple years ago. And I still don't get over that if I were there with them that they wouldn't have died. Why the heck would you kill yourself to make others feel guilty. Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. I still cry over my friend. I miss them. Sometimes time doesn't fix things. But just know that if you are even considering suicide it effects EVERYONE AROUND YOU!!!

Have you ever thought:

I want to be that person everyone sees smiling... But I don't remember the last time I smiled and meant it.

You're not alone 

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Okay... So I know most of you know Talia Joy. The girl with cancer. I wrote this.... Because she was my inspiration. Hope you like it.

She was put to rest
Because she deserved the best
Heaven was an open gate
Sorry you arrived too late
He wanted you back
In a nick nack
For glory you lack
But here it's not the same
It's no game
we share the glory
Just keep swimming said dory
Makeup was her passion
Kept up to fashion
You will be dearly missed
Others happiness you insist
Left a legacy
For you all sympathy

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Friends are everything sometimes 
It doesn't have to be about depression, but I think one of the best feelings to live for is when you finally grab that small hint of courage hidden inside of you and you tell yourself that your mental illness isn't the boss anymore. So although you're left with scars of your past, the moment to live for is when you're in recovery and you're smiling again because you're just so damn happy that you fought harder than what was trying to kill/overtake your life. I think that's definitely something worth staying alive for.

- Darling, You'll be okay 

Hey everybody! We are going to start updating more!! (: but in order to do that we need to know that others are still viewing out posts. So comment if you still view these posts. (: like this post and share it with your friends.

I feel like more people need this lately! Even I do! And I still have so much to say about these concepts. So share this page with your friends!!



~See it, Stop it, Change it~

If you ever have questions or suggestions about what we post we are glad to listen! (: and open for suggestions! Thanks to all our beautiful/ handsome followers we love you all 

So I'm sorry we aren't on very often. I am trying to do better with that. I just want everybody to know that things will be okay. And we are here to listen. Okay? We have so many AMAZING EXTRAORDINARY followers. We made this page when we were little, and even now we can share our experiences on bullying and thoughts. I feel like everyone should have their say. So if you ever need anything said to make you feel better or anything we can do or help with ask. We are glad to help. Thanks for following and keep spreading the word please.

Okay we haven't been on for a super long time. I am soooo sorry. Honestly lately bullying has became too touchy of a subject. It all comes to life as you get older. I've seen my friends in hospital beds from suicide attempts, I've seen cuts covering their wrists, I've seen them constantly shake, it's not fun. It's hard and I've realized society focuses more on women. "Women are more vulnerable to these things" all the bullying movies show girls getting bullied. Guess what? Guys do to.... Here's something I wrote. I'm sorry! We will try to update more often

He left the hurts and worries of life
All because of that knife
Left it for his family and friends
Just to test the ends

She tried to Tie the ends that were coming loose
Also known as her life
All because of that noose
Left everyone around hers life loose
Just to tie hers together

Share and like and keep the word spreading! We love our followers and supporters. So thanks to all of you!

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This may not have much to do with bullying. But I think that no matter who you are, you have a chance to be positive. And here are some things to keep a smile on your face. Once you have a smile on your face you can spread it to others. (: have an amazing Easter everybody
~See it, Stop it, Change it~


Okay. Things have gotten way too far. Bullying had gotten to the point where it never should be! You ABSOLUTELY NEVER tell someone to kill themselves. You NEVER call someone fat. And you NEVER make someone feel uncomfortable around you or about themselves. I do not know how people think saying these things as a joke doesn't hurt. It's going too far. Stop it. You know who you are. Calling someone names doesn't make you better than them. Telling them to kill themselves doesn't make you cool. And making someone want to cry is just stupid. Stop. You seriously want to be cool? Stand up for people who these things are said to! Don't be the one saying them. Nobody deserves to have the feeling of taking their own life because someone simply told them to. This makes me sick. When friends are upset because they hear these things it makes me so mad that those words come out of someone's mouth. Stop judging people unless you are sure of yourself there is NOTHING wrong with you. I stand for my friends. Stand against them and you're standing against me.
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