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to pack and keep a "Bug-Out Bag" A
Bug-Out bag's purpose is to allow you to move out at a moments notice--because
YOU NEVER KNOW. It is more than a survival kit, and will help you survive while
away from home. At our house we call it a B.O.B, and every ...

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How to Tell If Your Boss Is Crazy
How can you tell if your boss is crazy, bipolar, a narcissist, or all three. So, he may not be Stalin or Rod Blagojevich but you think he may be nuts all the same. Instructions                                                                                 ...

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How to Marry an Alaskan Man
Believe it or not, there is even a magazine called 'Alaska Men', with plenty of single men to choose from. But how do you meet the everyday REAL Alaskan-born man and marry him? There are dating websites devoted exclusively for single men in Alaska, but you ...

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How to Not Lose Your Mind While Waiting In Line at Wal-Mart The average American spends two to three years of his or her life waiting in line, unless you are a regular at a Wal-Mart Super Center. Then it goes up to about six years. As if all the people bump...
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