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+Intellum Especially true with regards to learning related to the digital world and technology. Generally, consumers and business owners are missing out and being impacted in many ways due to not keeping pace with technology. The impact causes loss of earning, missed opportunities and can be amended with a simple shift in attitude towards learning in general. Today, with advances in technology the world has a new dimension added to it, with rich potentials to enhance every aspect of human life but alas, many if not most people are unaware of this. There is no single or unified entry point to access and there is a need for a general movement to raise awareness of services and products that can have a tremendous positive impact on peoples lives, economically and socially. That said, Google does an awesome job and many companies are indeed clearly focused on education. There is still a need for more generalised promotion of access points and eduction about the digital realm for the general population to be able to fully appreciate and make maximum use of the new digital economy.
“Learning professionals don’t need a 'new' type of learning delivery tool; they need a learning solution that actually works.”

Oh boy. Here we go again. Intellum's Head of Growth, Greg Rose discussed learning experience platforms with GetApp. Check out the full article for more on delivering an engaging and personalized learning experience.
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