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Would you rather be the pirates or the navy?
Would you rather be the pirates or the navy?

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We are Madison McQueen. 

Freedom. Limited Government. Rule of Law. They are the winning ideas and the very reason this nation has prospered. They are the best products on the market, so to speak. But they are not being properly promoted. Liberty needs an ad agency. That’s why we’re here.

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Chris Matthews had Chinese food for lunch today. 

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Our latest spot. 

The NYTimes says it was written with "eerie precision."

Enjoy! (and please share) 

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Do you want to make the rules? Change the rules? Rig the system?

Congratulations, you have what it takes to be a crony!

Here's our latest project, it's for the good folks at

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Malpass does great work ... this is kinda scary.
FACTOID: Economist David Malpass reports the startling fact that over the last year U.S. GDP has grown by roughly $600 billion but federal debt has climbed by $1.3 trillion. This is hardly "austerity," and it explains why the U.S. debt to GDP ratio is climbing so fast. That is clearly unsustainable. Can you say "Greece"?

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My agency's latest project: Barack Obama, The Road We Really Traveled.

Do you remember Tom Hanks narrating a "documentary" about President Obama's accomplishments? We fact checked it and also gave it the Mystery Science Teater treatment. Consider yourself properly informed for conversations with your Kool Aid drinking friends and relatives on the Left.

Starring Andrew Klavan and Bill Whittle.

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You've been told by the media that Newt is a Tea Party candidate.

You've also been told that Newt is no friend of Tea Party activists and a traitor to their principles.

But what do actual Tea Party activists think?

In my latest piece for the Weekly Standard I find out what organizers and activists across the country think. +Stephen Kruiser, +Tony Katz, +MichaelPatrick Leahy and others weigh in ... you might not believe what they say Newt has to do to win their vote.

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My first bit of shameless self-promotion on G+ ... A piece in the Weekly Standard about the potential for online video to shape the debate through 2012.

On Twitter, the Weekly Standard's Mark Hemingway called it a must read ... so, what are you waiting for?

((NOTE: if you don't want to read it, there's some pretty killer (well, nearly fatal) video that goes along with the piece)).

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The Dude's Abode.

Upside, for $2.3 million, you win every Big Lebowski conversation forever.

Downside, strangers wanting to take a picture in front of your house ... and hopefully none of them are carpet pee-ers.

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