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Mama's ladies continue lookingfor true love.

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Love is like a Petting Zoo
Two friends meet and discuss a relationship Friend One: Well, I see you are again unattached
and back in the dating pool. Friend Two: Yes. It is a recurring sad state I am
in. I thought that finally I had moved from the Mr. Right Now Zone to the Mr. Right

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Second of my articles on ExtraordinaryWomen. 

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Commuting: Problem Solving Strategies that Really Work
Two friends meet and discuss weekday woes. Friend One : I was pleased to hear you had resumed dating. It’s
about time. Friend Two : After several months and thousands of dollars of
therapy related expenses, I finally decided to stick my toe in the pond agai...

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Spring has sprung and birds aren't the only tweeters...

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My latest blog post about real life, gender inequality and the usual female friendship support we all need. Studmuffin Ranch- here we come. 

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New blog post!

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A Picture is Worth- Well, You Know…
Two friends meet at a favorite coffee shop to discuss current
events. Friend One : Well, I finally did it. Friend Two : Did what? Got a tattoo, re-lost your virginity, tried
out for an Olympic sport? Friend One : Don’t be so snarky. The only body art I ever...

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L. Frank Baum- Where are You when I Need You?
Two “women of a certain age” meet at a neighborhood bistro at
the end of the day to whet their thirst and discuss the day’s events: Server: Hi, My Favorite Ladies “of the evening”. Would you
like your usual? Friend 1: Do martinis come by the gallon? Friend ...

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Straws and Toothpicks
Recent conversation at a local dining establishment: Server : Here are
your drinks, ladies. And I’ll just leave yous some extra straws. Diner 1: We don’t
want any straws. We are perfectly capable of drinking out of beverage glasses
without straws. Additiona...
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