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Thinking about a ghost story on the American West Coast? If you can't find something of use in this episode, perhaps you should take up macrame instead.

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Quick lunchtime map. The Ravenloft realm of Saxenmark is the scene for a quick riff on Beowulf, for the game I'm running for the kids. I get to educate and scare them at the same time. Win-win!

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This is gameable. A densely populated, tiny island in disputed territory, surrounded by pirates. And why isn't anyone living on the larger island!?

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#Mage20 #WWII  
The following is an Umbral realm for a Mage: The Ascension game now in the summer of 1939.

Barbosa's Archipelago is a sub-Realm in the Near Umbra, originally discovered by the 16th century Void Seeker, Duarte Barbosa, writer and crew-member of Magellan's legendary circumnavigation. The Archipelago is accessible through a dozen portals, located near ports across the globe, or by following a set of intricate coordinates.

The realm consists of numerous islands surrounded by an azure ocean. A number of these islands float in the sky above the sea. Basic (although altered) laws of physics apply; up, down, gravity, heat, cold, electricity, etc. The Paradigm is Wondrous Science and Uncharted Wilderness. The climate is tropical. Paradoxically, the islands are impossible to fully chart, their shifts and changes accompanied by thick fog or fierce storms. The jungles are home to several spirits: exotic and fantastic predators, and cannibalistic tribes of pygmy headhunters.

For centuries after it's discovery, the Archipelago occasionally visited by Void Seekers and Celestial Masters setting up temporary outposts or using it as a stepping stone on longer expeditions. Over the years, a few mages retired to the Archipelago, establishing towers on the skystones or in coves on the islands.

As the Industrial Revolution changed the global paradigm and the Order of Reason reformed itself into the Technocratic Union, the Explorators shifted their focus away from the Near Umbra and surface exploration, and towards the Deep Umbra and the Near Universe. Until the 20th century, the Archipelago was rarely visited, and its inhabitants became more reclusive, slipping away from humanity and taking on Umbral characteristics as their shielding wards deteriorated.

This changed as the storms of the Great War tore through the Tellurian. Mechanical war-spirits appeared; biplanes suddenly attacking out of the sun and ghostly submarines stalking beneath the waves.

After Czar Vargo's failed attempt at forcing peace upon humanity, he retreated to the Archipelago with the remnants of his fleet, pursued by Technocratic forces. In the resulting battle, the Union was defeated, cementing the Etherites paradigm in the realm. Still, aware that his presence would only draw further attacks, Czar Vargo left the archipelago, taking his airship into the Deep Umbra.

Though the Czar of Terra has departed, several of his followers have taken up permanent residence in the Archipelago, establishing fortified bases, the largest of which is Vargo's Anchorage, located on a massive skystone near the center of the realm.

As the world nears another great war, the Archipelago has found itself busier than ever before. Elements of the Society of Ether sees it is perhaps the most important territory in the Near Umbra, hoping that the great Czar will return and lead them in the Ascension War. For the same reason, the Technocracy is trying to ensure that the sub-Realm is brought back under their control. The result is frequent skirmishes, both on the surface and in the skies, as well as a number of spies and double-agents looking to gain the upper hand.

Hey guys, I have a question. I believe I remember that a Setite who has removed his heart (as per Serpentis 5) will regenerate even if the body is destroyed. Am I on my own here or is this part of the RAW?

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Did they finish it or were they interrupted? What is its purpose? 

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<Edited based on comments>

I am running a bronze age game and I'm looking to compile a comprehensive list of available armors. Here's what I've got so far:

Studded Leather

Scale Mail
Breast Plate
Banded Mail

Splint Mail


All armors can be combined with greaves and vambraces.

Did I miss anything or are some armors placed in the wrong category? 

Does anyone have an idea for how to handle spell books in a Mediterranean Bronze Age setting? Lugging a stack of burned clay tablets around strikes me as a lot of work . . .

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This collection is from a bronze age inspired fantasy world I'm currently running a 5E game in. For these maps I decided to try out some new tools and some different techniques. The biggest changes from my earlier maps are colouring and mountains. I have gotten spiffy new brush-tip markers and after some trial and error I think I am learning how to use them.

On the regional map I used my old go-to mountains whereas on the Islands you can see my first attempt as doing isometric mountains as per by the +Fantastic Maps tutorials. For the world map I went with a more topographic approach, just using the brush tip markers. I used Sepia to draw in the higher spines and then added foothills and lower ranges using 60% Warm Grey.

The odd looking disc on the world map is intended to illustrate the fact that the world is flat.
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