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► Я начинал с того, что слушал музыку в Winamp. Потом пришел LastFM и ВКонтакте. Потом пришли Простоплеер/Muzebra и так же быстро скатились в говно. Потом пришла Яндекс.Музыка и копирасты ВКонтакте. А потом я сел и за 2 недели написал Listen!

► Слушать музыку альбомами, узнавать похожих исполнителей, получать рекомендации от LastFM, сохранять музыку в облако Google Drive для доступа без интернета, в общем вот это все. Да, я откопал LastFM, и я верю, что он был и остается очень крутым.

► Вообще-то Listen! — это новый облачный музыкальный плеер для Google Chrome с поддержкой ВКонтакте и LastFM. Но мой SEO-друг сказал, что это "#muzebra,  #простоплеер ,  #tracksflow , аудиозаписи ВКонтакте, LastFM и Яндекс.Музыка". А по факту я смешал все эти сервисы и сделал бесплатное (да, это правда), новое и технологичное приложение для Google Chrome, которое можно установить из Chrome Web Store.

Больше информации на Хабре:
И на Хром.рф:

Устанавливайте Listen! из Chrome Web Store
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This is my first new packaged app. Mashup made with LastFM and VK social network API.

Search and listen to music, save it in the Google Drive cloud for further offline playing and even download files on your local computer - you can do any of these things with Listen! app. And with the help of LastFM you can listen to the whole albums and find out similar bands.

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"Blank Canvas Handler" and "Stylish" chrome extensions in one! Synced between browsers. If only it had a "share my teaks" feature!

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DOM Promises is another spec proposed by WHATWG. Nowadays it's implemented only in Firefox Nightly, but probably it will be implemented in other browsers. But if you want to use DOM Promises right now, check this out:

This is a DOM Promises polyfill library with quiet simple yet precise implementation. It implements all the static methods (resolve, reject, fulfill, some, any, every) and the Promise constructor itself. You can use it both in browser and in your node.js applications (search for "dom-futures" npm package).

BEWARE: DOM Promises differ from Q and other implementations (in fact they are just simplier). There's a short README on github and a link to the spec in the footer.

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A little update on Control Freak. Some of the users were disappointed with the fact that Control Freak 2.0 was using the chrome.tabs.* API which injected CSS and JS safely without touching the existing DOM elements and window variables.

Today Control Freak 2.1 is released and it restores the old injection type as an option. If you were using Control Freak before 2.0 release, it will be enabled automatically. For new users of Control Freak is will be turned off by default.

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A week has passed since +Michael Mahemoff transfered his awesome and simple Control Freak extension to me:

Now it's the time to thank the auhor and all users of the extension. Control Freak 2.0 is ready to download in Chrome Web Store and its code is also available on Github here:

Control Freak 2.0 has a bunch of new features which I was waiting for a long time:

- Your tweaks are now synchronized between your Chromes with Chrome Sync;
- Libraries needed for your scripts are now downloaded and cached in local file system until update happens or they become expired;
- - UI changes, for example when you switch the tab (JS, CSS or Libs) existing script won't be lost. And when you switch the scope (everywhere, origin and page) the tab with existing content will be automatically opened);
- The scripts are now highlighted on list page with Highlight.JS library.
- Russian l10n was added, 'cause i'm Russian ;)

I also made some examples of scripts for Control Freak:
- stop procrastination (creates splash screen on every opened page from midnight till 6 am) -
- timing api example (shows timing data in the bottom right corner of every page) -

Thanks to Michael and Github :)
All Greasemonkey users are also welcome!

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DevFest 2012 - Omsk, Moscow, Voronezh (46 photos)
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