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Jared Fournier
I am merely a dude that loves games, love people, and wants you guys to know you are awesome.
I am merely a dude that loves games, love people, and wants you guys to know you are awesome.
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Lyrics to the "Honor Jehovah with your valuable things"

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Okay so I have noticed the verse is all a Twitter with Nerd HQ talk from Zachary (can I get a woot woot) Levi.  Now he is speaking of Indiegogo and crowd funding for the live stream.  Does anyone know what who and when?  I don't have much but I would gladly give all I can so that those who can't may have the chance to watch it live.  Lets share the love and I was just hoping someone can help me out with info.  Remember Knowledge is Powder

Good Saturday to you all.  May this weekend bless us all with great friends, wonderful conversation and let us all continue to spread and encourage the nerdiness that makes us all awesome.

Okay I am slow, or lazy, or maybe a bit of both but just got around to watching Disney's Frozen.  I really like it.  What did you guys think?  Did it his that little nerve in you that brings back watching Disney as a young kid and just bobbing your head along to the songs or did it just remind you that your feet were cold and that the bills were due?

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Okay guys here is a comic that makes me laugh hard, like the characters, the story and the artistry.

Hey guys I have been lurking on many different communities through the years, I am only 21 but I like to say many years to make myself feel better.  Just watching you guys, the interaction between you warms my heart.  Makes me love being a nerd and want to be surrounded by nerds so this is my call out.  Guys I play games, watch videos, obsess about stupid stuff and just want to get to know you guys.  Thanks.  Would be awesome to nerd out with you guys.  Lots of love and best wishes.  Your amazing and inspire me to be better.
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