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What is going to be critical in the near future.
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Hi Guys/Gals

Need some advice.

I started walking for about a month now and i am starting to feel much better. I walk every second day for about 4-7km ranging between 45min -1hr : 22 mins hoping to improve time and distance as i go.

 I was wondering if it is better to walk every day instead of every second day?. One person i talked to said it's better to have a day off to recover?. I do feel a bit sore the day after as i always push myself to the limit but i am not sore enough to the point where it is hard to walk so i was wondering if i should continue everyday?.  I am on the heavy side of about 260 pounds which is another factor why i am a bit careful. 
Any other advice or tips is appreciated.

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+Melissa Gaines Thanks for the advice. So muscle pain good to go but joint pain perhaps rest depending on severity. Excellent. 

I can exercise easy now knowing this information from experience people such as yourself.

Thanks again.    

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