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I criticized Facebook, and now no one sees my status posts. Coincidence?

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Chemotherapy's not so bad, right?

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The Players
For those of you who can’t tell the players without a scorecard, we’ve prepared this handy list of Trump’s cabinet members and their
mission statements. Department Secretary Slogan State Rex Tillerson Make oil great again. Treasury Steve Mnuchin Make Wall S...

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Net Futility
Technologists are making a lot of noise about net neutrality right now. The basic idea is that network providers should not be
allowed to slow down traffic from sites they don’t like (i.e., sites that don’t pay them enough) The fact is, the Internet is alre...

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One of the dire problems facing our society is stress. We find stress just in going about our lives … getting to work, doing
the work, getting home … even trying to have fun is stressful. And, of course, all this stress is not healthy. Doctors tell us we ha...

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Apologies in Advance
I want to apologize to generations X, Y, and Z, millennials, and to all future generations, for leaving the world in so much worse
shape than when we inherited it. I’m sorry. My generation had high hopes at one point. We were going to end war, protect the e...

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King Donald the Last
Most of the objections to and outrage at the Trump administration can be understood in light of the concept of America, a concept
that Trump and his people reject. Briefly, the U.S. Constitution embodies a set of ideas about what kind of country the founder...

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(Apologies to Rodgers and Hammerstein)

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Listen, my children, and you shall hear ...

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The Lord of the Things
Three branches of government with each other vie. Seven articles of Constitution, which rarely get read. Nine supreme justices on the court so high. One orange lord (who’s a closet red) In the land of D.C., where politicians lie. One ass to rule them all, O...
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