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Last one..
I am now officially legal.. to do what? It really doesn't matter! Thank you to everyone for the emails!! I loved them:)  First
a quick miracle. I have been working with a family since November.
Literally my mission family. The kids all got baptized, but t...
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Walking on Water
This was a great week! I'm excited to tell you all about it! First
things first.. I'm now in a biking area! Whoo! The other sisters' car
got taken away to give to someone else.. so now they use our car. We've
been biking ever since;) We only use it when ...
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Que tal?
Alright alright first off..
our 69 year old investigator, Israel, is growing up too fast! He went to
priesthood by himself this week and even opened up the hymn book and
sang! It seems like just yesterday he didn't know what to do. Cute.
Everyone be pre...
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Milagritos and a lot of food!
Where to start.. where to start.. This
week was a great one! Halfway through the week we got kicked out of our
district and moved into the other one, so that's been interesting.
Let's just say these new missionaries are starting to learn how weird we
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Hello all! Let
me contarles (tell you) this story! Usually we know by Sunday who is staying and
who is leaving for transfers on Tuesday morning. Sunday came.. nothing.
Monday morning came.. nothing. Monday night came.. nothing STILL! And
transfers leave...
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A week of adventures
Like usual, I don't even know where to start! It was a big week!! Okay we're just going to go through the list.. We
don't know transfers yet! We're kinda freaking out! Sister Tippetts and
I want to stay together SO badly! I would love for one of my best
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La semana de los milagros!
Hello all! This
week was pretty crazy, but it was a great one! We did some pretty
different things this week. Oh to start, we definitely killed the north
zone in the Laredo Lucha:) Besides that, we did a 2 zone exchange with
the Laredo North zone for 3 ...
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Laredo Olympics!!
Buenos dias a todos! Hello!
Another crazy week here in the TMM.    We made one of our infamous McAllen
trips this week! The ever so adventurous trip was nothing less than
interesting. Of course the meeting with President was amazing! I love
MLC. We talk...
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a little ANIMO!
Well hello there everyone. I don't even know where to start with this
email. This past week was NUTS! SO full of miracles, it's crazy. Where
to start.. Loud
pants. Yes. Loud pants. We bought some super amazing pants to wear
after planning!.. and maybe t...
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