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Donna R. Wood
American Author | Intellectual | Social Theorist
American Author | Intellectual | Social Theorist

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2017 Year of Celebration: Butterfly Phoenix Business Shorts
I’ve been working on some new publications, “ Butterfly Phoenix Business Shorts ”, which
can be found on Amazon, in the Kindle Shorts section. I have a love for the craft of writing, and I feel that I
have grown by leaps and bounds since 2011, when I first ...

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Tidings of Comfort and Joy
It was hot in the kitchen both Thursday and Friday nights as
my grandkids and I had scurried around, preparing holiday goodies for the
festivities that were to take place on Saturday. As I stirred this and floured
that, my granddaughter asked, “Grandma, how...

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Bullying is Everyone's Business
Last week, we discussed Gaslighting and how it is an
entrenched part of school bullying. But, what can we realistically do about it?
How do we stop it? The truth of the matter is bullying will be around as long
as two human beings exist on the Earth. It wil...

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Kids on Fire
In 1940, and again in 1944, playwright Patrick Hamilton’s
masterpiece Gas Light (1938) was
adapted into a whirlwind film, first by British director, Thorold Dickinson
(1940), and then in America by MGM (1944). The plot is filled with the
psychological abuse...

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Soldiers in Petticoats
Since days of old, women have had to grovel and beg for
every bit of freedom that we in America enjoy today. I wonder as I look around
the country if our young women have any idea of the pain and suffering it took
for them to have the right to vote; for the...

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Welcome to the Age of Women!

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Finding Myself as Grandma
I never anticipated being a grandmother at 38 years old. It’s
been nine years since my grandson was born, followed by his sister and my
newest granddaughter, who’s one. I don’t feel like a grandma. I’m footloose and fancy free
these days. I can come and go ...

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What God has Called Us to Do Ourselves
From the “Heart of Everything That Is” – the Sacred Black
Hills of South Dakota – a call is crying out into the world. The voice of the
heart is emanating from the Sacred Stone Camp and the Red Warrior Camp , near
Cannonball, North Dakota. The call is not a...

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The Age of Women
“ Women are the first
environment. We are privileged to be the doorway to life. At the breast of
women, the generations are nourished and sustained. From the bodies of women
flow the relationship of those generations to both society and to the natural
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