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from rome,oregon to winnameucca,nv the road a few accidents the creek the trees started to fall down.on the other side of the office..what was behind the trailer park after you went to threw the had like a x or something...
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there is a stoddard memorial by the senior citzen building in blackfoot,id...there is a memorial for suzanne summers...there is a memorial for a fuller in twin falls,id at the the library

what was that picnic table about...that was dented in and other things by a plant or like a company picnic area...

clothes under bridge loads of them... everett,wa
oh out by centrilla,wa i found some more clothes from a woman no less...

somebody kids were throwing rocks at buildings by the garfield school and at the garfield school,phoenix,az

who is mato and manny???they are suppose to be dead....what did they die from???

somebody was suppose to of died in the alleyway in idaho falls,id alleyway...who were they???
this did nothing for me...
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Are city, county tax breaks for private student dorms legal?
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what was out by that pond...i hope nothing....going towards rome,oregon..a tent...
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In the majority of cases of intimate partner stalking, the stalking behavior is established during the relationship.
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this drove me crazy for some reason...was to touchie...

just like the touch screen phones..
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flores means flower doesnt it...
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Down to earth....518929759......ea341122d drivers license....birth certificate =MAX D GUDMUNSEN attending doctor..state file 170-04376
at 5 years old i took a knife away from my aunt sophie and put it in my bottom dresser drawer and was takin to the sportsman's access to see if could find a body at a younger age around 7 I kept looking under a bush by the boat 12 went to the blackfoot shooting range, shot a 30/30 with no scope...hit the target..trained horses at the age of 11 years old...threw a baseball in california, belmont at a ketchup bottle...wondered where the ketchup bottle went...saw a blue mark though...must of missed i dunno.a whole bunch of cars came that day and someone was checking the speed... cop pulls up and I walked around the corner.... another cop sad leave their police station alone and I was just sitting on a hill in San mateo,ca....was at sleep train 3 people approach me.. was just standing there.. said people have been breaking windows.. I said I yelled and broke the windows... they looked at all my info... my greyhound ticket etc... then was standing over by a crime watch sign and cops have someone pulled over.. I said don't Cali give warnings.... police walk up and I like your boots... OK I walk off...just wanted a different name so i made this one on google....Real name Colleen Eldora,Dena Oblander Novosad....Was adopted as a baby on June 1st 1970 in Ada county sent to Blackfoot,Idaho.  Do you have the same issue today or can you think of another one or any thing else?? Live and let live.A person who knows right from wrong!My attitude reflects off of yours.Ask a not feasible question, your answer will not be feasible.A person is a person!!!! Morals? Do you understand the question?or do you have a long explanation for the definition? A- Does our congress have any? B-Does our older generation that work in the health and welfare system believe in the above question? C-Does your mom or dad have them? God dayum do any of you know right from wrong? My answer the whole system is not a system. Our system is a system that doesn't have morals or rights. You know all my life i have helped so many different people that have walked different paths or whatever there case may be. These two states are in the pooriest conditions i have ever seen/I would say this is worse then vietnam! What in the fuck you all need a psycho-analysist on who you really are and whats important in life? Do you understand feelings or emotions? or did you totally skip them in your doctorate class for your so called observation of a persons state of mind-holy fuck@ new constitution-i only say holy fuck. Whats your analysis of that? Dont think to dayum hard might be a start for you? Do you understand that or do you need further assistance on the question or answer? ecosystem or state of mind?ya ya i want pills and dont want anything to do with the ecosystem. a lot of business-that are not corporate/or chains are closing all over in strip malls/mission impossible. oh did I tell you had a paint he bucked me off and I bounced off the ground...he got a twisted stomach later....and that's not funny ..This is when I was about 18 during my trip I wanted to go the prisons and be in a boxing ring with some of the men.....I was wishing...hoping for a program like this cuz I wanted to beat these corrupt individuals up so bad.....I broke a nunchuck I had made from wood  dobbins and hit it against a tree a couple of times...then I broke it with my hands...the wood was very thick.....I saw a house won't describe it but abandoned and had a mother nature book...this tree I dunno looked from the book and broke a lot of the braches with my hands I got pissed and I got real fucking pissed at this and the house....after CALIFORNIA I WAS PISSED WENT OUT IN THE YARD WITH SOME NUNCHUCKS I HAD MADE...STARTED SWINGING EM THE WIND BLEW REAL HARD...GOD DAYUM I WAS PISSED  thinking back to the Carolina's my spirit's was high when I got there then I seen the conditions of the states and how they treated the people and it broke my spirit and heart.....I had such a different outlook on how the united states was...go there and see what I seen and you would wonder so many things about our older generations methods.....I was so shocked, so beside myself to know it was the year I lost it....lost a part of me that is going to take awhile to recover from I assume Mississippi,Kentucky , Virgina , Alabama, Georgia and if I'm missing any others that are not in that good of conditions either......just wouldn't doubt it Buffalo,NY "Rick James" funeral.....sad day wanted to meet him because of the song superfreak...hilarious song I thought at 13..... a person told me they use to hit their women with into an argument with him...won't get into the specifics but I won...he backed off....wanted to knock his azz out and could of and he knew it yea a company over there was called CEN-garbage company I think...I dunno the trucks looked like lil bumble-bee's with green and white on em...a town above raliegh...also by raliegh a building with smokestacks with flames coming out of a 40's or 50's building...wasn't up to code for sure.....flames were high out of it.....a propane leak or whatever it was by wendys in raliegh, had a pipe that looked like a candy cane<probably attached to this stupid building about 3 or so miles away>   oh yea one man died for everybodies sins...not possible...sure it happened but if you sin its on you for hell sakes...why the brain washing?? omg I was in a town in south Carolina......a china buffet the address 208 this is creepy looked like a mini white house....fake address because the one right next to it was an odd number....anyway I was looking at the bushes and cut one of the vines and it looked like blood coming out of it after I had cut like spurted...shocked the hell out of me another guy had been cutting vines and had red all over his face before I did this and I freaked about how he had  looked like for awhile..... a military guy was at a shelter in myrtle beach and he was treating me like a captain or something...he was an older gentlemen.....and he looked at me like this...I had not known him previously...compliment for sure...scary to though....cause I have never been in the military person I met in a town about oh 40 minutes away was a social worker but wasn't anymore and on medication but she said she wasn't taking it...she was quite oh fine, nice eyes but mentally a mess....she pulled a knife on another person to not just I dunno...didn't threaten but still not good I left as soon as I could and decided to go check out buffalo only can imagine something happened at work or home she didn't say anything about anything really here this is for the police officers that either look at my page or whatever ya do or even connect your computer to mine.......i'm so creeped out by something like that it isnt even funny....i wouldnt be able to sleep at night=ogden,ut 2012  oh yea one man died for everybodies sins...not possible...sure it happened but if you sin its on you for hell sakes...why the brain washing?  how much patience to you expect a person to people who have done this type of stuff are beyond insane too many lives do you have to ruin to make yourself feel meddling people...I don't see how anyone can be soo weird,pathetic....disgusting...obessed and these words I am using doesn't even fit I wish there were words that would fricking be more useful cuase these are not even close to what kind of people you really are......I can't believe it how twisted someone or someone's are....holy chit...what in the hell is really in your minds  met a guy today that has been tazed in new mexico about 20 years long has this chit been going on....he's not even aggressive nor was he at the time  I was on the ground and saw all this...walked from Sanford to myrtle...from myrtle to Sanford...from sanford to dunn all in about a year.....holy chit!!!!!  oh and what about the computer i had in ogden, hp-911 was on there...what about the woman who had the 500 dallors stole out of her vehicle while getting a quick bite to eat...looked like she was barely getting by, bald tires, cute too and she had kids...what kind of operation do you all have going?  theres so much more but I know this is being looked I'm not going to say too much about it...yet got pulled over on a bridge...didn't do anything wrong.....had Ashley...officer walks up...had my window rolled up I was gesturing what...he walked off...I drove off...I was 21...stunned was lookin was just looking at a car lot in Chubbuck later at night an officer pulls up...implying that I was going to steal a car...this was around 24.....omfg took a trip to casper,wy and somewhere in new mexico was getting gas...ash got out of the car and the keys were in the ignition...ya know accident....and drake was in the back seat it was hot...police officer said we can't help you...drake was sweating I chit my pants...this was after romek  had thrown me on the ground and I called the cops and I get kicked oh I ripped up the bible on highway 40 I think going east after flagstaff,az oh at that piece of chit place where I grew up the cop said to me while I was in the car "thoughts mix" <thinking to myself wow what a police officer> oh is it I think I thought to him...ya ya i'm sure of it no thought to self that just makes a person 10 times 20 times think something went on my first joyride threw bakersfield,ca sorta to fresno,ca until yuba city,ca....pissed off a california driver, he pulled up to me with window rolled up yelling so i flipped him off lmao i think i showed him how to drive so he got jealous or he chit his pants or he missed his exit was about a foot or something behind a trucker during rush hour after i passed him...he had the newer dodge charger or something ;0) i think a chip in my engine it was the cars fault...yep i'm sure thats what happened...have to check into that later, i guess...85 buried the odometer maybe a malfuction didn't feel that fast.....oh thats possible the speedometer could be off...hmmm???? oh did i tell you a state hospital in my hometown was in the automotive section in 2011(or it might have been 2010 can't remember exactly) in our phonebook...wohoooieeee I remember a time I was watching the news and someone was chasing someone else near LA somewhere truth about kennedy,martin luther king, RODNEY KING...elvis,janis joplin, marilyn monroe,patsy cline etc would be happened going to keep lying to the younger generation and have them  believing nothing but lies or half truths just cuz its military or whatever you claim it to be.... why didn't you just look at the blueprints to the city and fix the leaks from the propane or whatever else was going on......2 scud missles in the united states, that close to land "pearl harbor" i dont think so ,the missiles on a back of a bed of a semi truck about 300 or something miles from water....another planet here i come...goddayum klu-klux-klan?more like japan.......what about cain and abel ok cain not sure what nationality but abel you can definitly tell its an african american name, and they were suppose to be brothers?and jesus he was a griffin? and buried in sacred heart church?were the so called stakes railroad ties, i really think so...there was a rr back then,huh?and edenton a street"adam and eve" is directly behind his tomb?what you guys smoking?thorns throughout most of the wooded areas there"thinking this might be woodstock also or to" are filled with thorns and black water a river called pee dee<is this how you came up with police department> cuz of the intials from pee dee omg lmao but not at the sametime very twisted in the mind if it is and should be called the mississippi.....oh they are smoking the denver weed they seized from dealers i bet?selling the guns you seized to?its possible, um maybe what about charleston the round partitions are sinking into a quicksand like oily mixed with sand????very dangerous i'd say considering thats a MAJOR ROAD over the ocean...OMG I chit my pants...theres a bit more but this was some of what i saw a red deer ummm not good....deers are not suppose to be red, a side winder in charleston went across my foot...sidewinder in the usa???????? a king cobra baby licked my leg lol suppose to be the most dangerous snakes or one of em a skunk i saw was so vivid and defined with how dark the black was and how white was so bright and i think it sprayed me to keep you twisted individuals at bay, haha now a skunk is defending cute and funny i think eistien people married me haha lmao ok there is a county called horry county =myrtle beach-an indian said she was arapahoe and i'm from idaho.....this is so disgusting cuz it was intentional theres a road can't remember where oh below ladson has a road called adaline=boise's county=feels like i had a prearranged marriage with south and north carolina...who named the roads and chit omg too many for me over there yea a c&m bullet bet it was made around 2008=Taurus 9mm shiny and new in a pawnshop=color silver a s&m bullet too  this is a case of 2 states giving you pstd.......a severe case of it.....ok why did Darwin dutson  die of gangrene and where did he serve...what about my neighbor Gloria burrups dying......she had steven-johnson she had a lawsuit cuz she got steven-johnson from pills...and they cremated her omg I  how can you sleep at night.....goddayum you...she was a very good person....what about frank dying at 53???.....and where the hell is Rachel her mentally handicapped kid.....what we have is a concentration camp going on I was close to where I saw Richard stallings road.....there was a college for church not sure what religion it was but anyway was on the side of a highway/freeway...there was a part in the fence you could go threw (barb wire on top and like a checkerboard wire for the I put my stuff threw and then I proceded to go threw well some I kind of got while going down the highway all you could see is like my butt in the air and probably looked quite relaxed.....look over to my left and there was a sign that said something like man he sinneth...would have been a picture and a half to see on a postcard lol  thinking back to when I first started chatting online...I made a screenname if it still on there lol.....   .god that was along time ago or something like that cant member exactly oh just around 7000 sex offenders in oklahoma...oh ya no problem...holy chit????? ya I say don't help homeless people cause of no support......push the ones without a criminal background to the know tazing a person is attempted murder ya know in Sanford at the apartment complex stuff from Sedona was there????..hanging on the clothesline?????? for painkillers that don't make you feel like a phien when going to the doctor or whatever....the military use packets, individually wrapped called BC,Stanback is really good if you can afford it and the goodys i have tried do not work so? its a powder but gets to the pain quick but tastes  like ya kno <:>?"()*&8   los banos plus they dissolve and not stay in your stomach.......non coated pills dissolve quicker and easier then coated...doesn't hurt you stomach as bad for not dissolving you know I wanted to be a criminologist after I received my lawsuit from my I don't want anything to do with your law enforcement and I decided that after Sedona...... Was walking past a arena something......out of the blue i began 2 sing a verse from a journey.  highway run into the midnight sun wheels go round n round on my mind they say that the road aint no place to start a family right down the line baby its you and me lovin a music man isnt always the way its suppose to be oh girl ya stand by me im forever yours faithfully  by a naval port Wow just sitting in front of a fed ex building a clerk with long hair walks out its raining like hell, it was last week first time here in this area realized not to sit there, went across the street-she sat in her car for a good 2 or 3 minutes.  i wasnt doing anything. anyway its raining she comes out and says i have to leave and says its not her concern. she said i was here last week for maybe 30 seconds.  i was telling i was going to.  south carolina people are the most rude people.they stare, flick there headlights on and off at you-honk at you these people are frickin out of there mind. i will never get online to chat again-just was trying to help someone in sanford nc.  omg biggest mistake of my life The greenmile-Tom Hanks Roots! What are the statistics on the male of any race in prison for what type of crimes is in thier histroy in there family tree-some of us are adopted with sealed record not knowing our background? i have a question. see if you can figure this out of why police think they have authority to taze shoot an innocent person beat a person senseless with there baton or even have the right to tell you that your loitering or even tresspassing if your not criminal and your not bothering anyone -  I came to the realization since around 1963 the year kennedy was assassinated that in a basic sense japan took over. look at all the japanesse,china etc cars and doctors in the big cities/a communist government -  Another realization im around the center of the earth stuff is sinking somewhat houses boarded alot of them. the 2 states ive seen are not up to code on alot of city things like railroad isnt properly maintained one california looking freeway looks like the poles/cement things are like sinking in a dark grey quick sand type of soil and the wooded area has black oily water thorns hardley any sidewalks and alot of car accidents and houses brick by 3 gas refineries are burnt from the inside out.  -  My conclusion remember the show called COLOR PURPLE? What do you think it means? Live on the streets or by the swamp like area's and then you understand the meaning. Does seven year itch sound familar? Bet vietnam would ring a real bell. - And men isn't the ecosystem more important in life. I'm so stunned you picked money over the ecosystem over families. Do we have scientists or have they lost their minds. - You'd rather do studies with medication then fix the ecosystem? Can you say holy chit? - HOW DO YOU FIX THE BUDGET? Ask a tree maybe they will tell you and then the tree will ask you to pay it back.  - No such thing as MAN made material you dumbazz'z it comes from the earth. the material you came up with on how to use-hence an invention. -   Men i cannot believe were in the year 2013. Some of you must not respect or think even society is worth fixing for anyone. Do you not have a mom,dad,brother sister, anyone you care for?This is very dangerous as many lives that are in danger,LIKE THE ENTIRE CONTINIENT,YA KNOW THE WORLD-EARTH-ATMOSPHERE? - - While I was in Sanford.....had a heck of a rain storm...lots of thunder and massive amounts of lightening. "garth Brooks" and the thunder rolls - Do you know we had a easter moon while i was in wagam/fort bragg territory,massive amounts of rain,king cobra,sidewinder,fire ants,alligators,mosquitos,black widow spiders and ive been in this area since febuary of this year - - while in myrtle beach almost got hit by lightening at a lowes...the weather over here is crazier then hell - - I think it rained more then anything...while I was here Thought ive been thinking alot about throughout the years. do you ever grow up and think about people of any type and wonder why the pocketbook is more important then a person. for instance look how are government is structured the older generation meddle into peoples life for the wrong reason or reasons. i look at our laws and wonder, im so shocked that i cant even see straight. the united states is not united. feels like a dayum concentration camp. Hey Idaho government did you know there is  Highway or side road in North Carolina that says in loving memory of Richard Stallings......the road is 521...the commercial he made was filmed in north Carolina too, to run for office what about Larry Craig getting accused of propositioning someone in the bathroom? sang this song was playing at a mc'donalds in myrtle beach......I changed the words a lil and said I feel it in my soul enough to make my sister go etc...  then on this verse I said.....deep in my soul....straight from behind.....kennedy   now I'm completely turned off......and my eye color seems to me the color of JFK's then they are honoring a god dayum child molester in my eyes I knew a girl that was molested by her step-father,mom was a cop.....they were  our neighbors..had a road with his last name on about making me sicker then a twisted individuals that can't think or think for yourself fort bragg fort bragg your one hell of a know didn't know I married the whole united states government military, cops ,politicians ...but ya wanna know what I married the rest of the ones that are fighting for every dayum thing..... OMG all these states are having problems with protesters or Idaho for instance it's like being gay is a disease....I bet more then half the people that are gay have never been to prison or in prison...are the men that are in prison straight or gay about the women but yanno theres more male violent crimes then what women commit......I'm so sick of this gay subject...what a person does in there own bedroom is there own business....can't this subject just go away....most people that are gay and I do say most wouldn't break-up a marriage or if 100% gay would leave everyone else alone that are happy or whatever there status I dunno what this major fight is about ok I have a solution whats the root of the problem with being gay...all I can think is AIDS... there was a bundy in a north Carolina cemetery over there...and I watched the news and said he was from north Carolina and a lawyer??????  Ummmm???? if he was from north Carolina how was he in Utah???? ok Idaho 1st diagnosed me with paranoid schizophernia...and I wasn't thinking someone was after me literally.....then a Arizona doctor and he was in Idaho diagnosed me with schizo-affective....then another one in Idaho said pstd.....then another one said borderline personality in Idaho...then I go to Arizona and get a temporary illness and the it was the law to fill out.....then I seen something to traumatic and caught pstd from the carolina'sso whatever state I go in is what my illness is" the one thats most popular" of that state......pstd= post traumatic stress disorder......k I think I'm getting the system now hmmm too cool........was hauling azz up a freeway ramp exit 69...go figure in idaho and to my surprise highway patrol...mazda......and you stopped at the emergency road...watching me to make sure I left town?.....I think I was going to cali but who knows???? oh I like your boots...I bet you do.... no warnings in cali's law I guess... oh by Menlo park ...I was laughing my azz off at some thoughts...anyway cops said well there is going to be a lot of wrecks on this corner...are you out of mind???? ya dance with the devil ya dance with the demon himself.....thanks for stealing it out of my hands in my own the devil a medevil character or the figament of the overly 17 years old fuckersjust like the 20 or so songs I wrote while I was pg with ash ...that they said got Jonellespirahanna with a smile"hi DON CAMPBELL" Sedona SEDONA"YES DON"T"ya passed denadiablo grillz el rancho.....write a song about what a mother fucker is penal code of ethics...menapause oh now I get it...i know how not to talk degrading statements...what is a degrading statement???? OK so I haven't hit anyone....
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Have 2 kids...One graduated college, in the Peace Core and the other has a ged like me.Wrote alot of emails to Sacremento,Ca to help with a water issue.Helped numerous individuals in any way i could and I was permanently disabled at 23 from a mental illness...traveled to almost all fifty states on ssi and ssd to help street people.I played all kinds of sports,hiked,no criminal record.skiied,boated,fished,four wheelers, a computer game called Depths of Peril
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