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C++ wrapper library around the OpenGL 3 API
C++ wrapper library around the OpenGL 3 API

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OGLplu2 version 0.3.0 has been released, and is available for download at

This version brings several new examples, which now can be built with GLFW3, GLUT, SDL or X11/GLX, updated build system, various utilities and much more...

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OGLplu2 version 0.2.0 has been released.

This version brings many new features including but not limited to the following:
- Updated configuration/build system.
- Wrappers for texture, framebuffer, renderbuffer operations.
- Wrappers for NV_path_rendering.
- New tests.
- Several new examples.
- and more...


We've started to work on and just released the first version of an alternative wrapper for OpenGL written in C++14.

Check it out at

It brings the same advantages as OGLplus, like type-safety, error checking, object management, etc. but does several things differently.

See the README and the examples and let us know what do you think.

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OGLplus 0.66.0 has been released.


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OGLplus 0.65.0 has been release

Among other things the following has changed since the last announcement:

- The Outcome<T> class, which allows to postpone or cancel the call to GL error handlers has been added.
- New overloads of Shader::Compile, Program::Link, Program::Validate and other functions which return Outcome<T> have been added.
- The GLX and EGL example harnesses have been refactored and updated to use multisampling.
- Additional checks have been added to the Context and ClientContext classes.
- Most of the examples have been changed and now use GLSL versions 120/130/140/150 in order to run on implementations of GL which don't support higher GLSL versions (successfully tested with Mesa3D swrast).
- Some of the examples have been modified to show the new features.
- The Quickbook docs have been updated.


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OGLplus 0.63.0 released

This release brings wrappers for shader storage buffer objects (thanks to, and fixes several bugs and warnings.


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OGLplus 0.62.0 has been released.

0.62.0 is mostly a bug/warning-fix release, but also brings refactored internal code and updates to the Quickbook documentation.


OGLplus 0.61.0 has just been released.

This version brings updated exceptions in OALplus, enumerations and function wrappers for ARB_clip_control, updates in the build system and compile-time configuration, updated Quickbook documentation and more.


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OGLplus 0.60.0 has been released

This version brings several minor additions like the `Object::HasInstance` function, the `SingleFace` enumeration, the `FragmentData` and `FragmentDataSlot` typedefs a new standalone example bug-fixes, documentation updates and more...


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We have a new OGLplus release

Version 0.59.0 fixes some problems with move construction and move assignment of the GL/AL object wrappers and also brings the `Boolean` wrapper for GLint, ALint, EGLBoolean.

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