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Murphy Paw

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6Months on the Button!
Murphy is 6months today and for his
half-year birthday present we got him neutered! The poor bugger. The vets tell
us it all went well which is good. He has a giant cone on his head and he is
pretty grumpy but apart from that he is eating well and resting w...

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Murphy @ 13 weeks
Well time has flown by and Murphy has grown
even more. He is pushing the boundaries a bit but we are having fun watching
him learn new things. He got his vaccinations on the Thursday before puppy pre-school,
as Friday didn’t suit Mark to take him. He took t...

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Late March Hare
Murphy is growing fast and is doing very
well. He had a small case of diarrhea last weekend but he has gotten over that.
We brought into the vet for a quick check to make sure it wasn’t anything
untoward and he said to feed him some rice with his dinner to ...

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Progressing through March
Well thankfully Murphy passed the vet
checkup with flying colours. They all thought he was adorable. He also got to
meet a few other dogs while there and the vet showed him how to meet them so
Mark said it all went very well which is great to hear. He is in...

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The First Week Continues
As days have all rolled into one at the
moment this next post will combine most of this week and the trials and battles
we have had J I’ll start off with the good parts because
that’s always nice. Murphy has started to eat more for breakfast and he is

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Back to work for us
First Week we all go to Work and Murphy stays
at home Monday rolled around quite quickly and it
was time for us to see how Murphy would be left at home for the day alone. Mark
gets up way too early these days so I got up at 6am to make Murphy’s breakfast
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