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Jessica Schlecht
DIY budget crafter and educator
DIY budget crafter and educator

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Ombre Nails
I really like doing nails. They don't last very long, but they certainly keep me from biting my nails. I wanted to try something different and decided on the ombre style. Materials:  3 nail polish colors toothpick wax paper some type of  smooth sponge nail ...

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The Stockings Were Hung...
My husband made this super great sign for our stockings since we don't really have anywhere else to hang them.  We used old barn wood, silver drawer pulls, and he burned in our words "The stockings were hung…" It worked out perfectly!

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Cowboy Boot Stockings
After several years of looking for western Christmas stockings, we just couldn't seem to find what we wanted. So, to the drawing board... Start by drawing the shape you want of a piece of cardboard of paper. Draw it a bit bigger than you want the finished p...

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Pantry Organization
BEFORE Making great use of waste to hold canned goods. Thinking that making coating the boxes with glue and covering with scrapbooking paper would add extra strength, I covered them in glue. But I never did add the scrapbooking paper. They work just fine fo...

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Buzz LightYear Cake
For my sons birthday way bake in December (yes, I'm that far behind!) he wanted a buzz lightyear cake.  We started with a 9x13 cake and then carved it into a rocket shape. We split it in two and cut the top layer into a square. This was the first time we tr...

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Snap Grommet Curtains
Well before we started our kitchen redo … We were stuck in a rut. Same window covers, same dirty carpet, same kitchen, same everything except for paint as the day we moved into our house. I am the type of person that needs and craves change be it little or ...

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Kitchen Redo- Kickboard
The final step so far in our kitchen redo was to add a kick board. We had the same dark wood around the base of our cupboards. It had to go. This was a pretty easy part. Because of the way the previous kick board was installed, it was best to simply cover i...

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Kitchen Redo- Adding a Cutting Board Shelf
The was the demo part of our "remodel." After using our kitchen for a few years we know where we cut things, mix things, and make things. It only made sense to put items that we use for cutting, for example, on the side of the kitchen that we cut things. Gr...

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Kitchen Redo- Edging Choices
While my husband was working on the doors, I was busy staining the drawers. After I finished sanding the top of the drawer, I began sanding the edging of it. That is when I found out that the edging was pressed wood which is basically, from my understanding...

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Kitchen Redo- Cabinet Doors
After we finished the part that was inside we put all our kitchen items back on the shelves and our kitchen became functional again albeit without doors, but I wasn't about to complain. The only thing we still couldn't use was the drawers. We moved our work...
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