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Betsy Jorgensen
I enjoy the simple things in life: soccer, sarcasm and swedish fish.
I enjoy the simple things in life: soccer, sarcasm and swedish fish.

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According to Google's earth day survey, I'm a squid.  "You can do anything to which you put your mind and/or giant tentacles."

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"Uncertainty is an inherent part of new ideas, and it’s also something that most people would do almost anything to avoid. People’s partiality toward certainty biases them against creative ideas and can interfere with their ability to even recognize creative ideas."


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I'd add "talk to yourself in the shower" to this list.
How To Stay Creative

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Said out loud, "I'm going to implement an automated post-engagement customer feedback program." ...Guess I'm a big kid now.

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Meet Harley. We adopted Harley in April. "He's my graduation present," I'd say, but that was little more than an excuse. We'd been puppy hungry since we were married over a year ago. Our first apartment wouldn't let us have a dog, and our second apartment (...

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A soon-to-be recent grad
It's incredibly hard to believe that in just a few months' time, I'll be a college graduate. I still remember the excitement I felt when I made the decision to attend Utah State University, though it was far from where I ever thought I'd end up. In fact, th...

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Some practical updates to the summer itinerary. No Australia. Instead, Max will join me in Switzerland -- at the end of my studies -- before we embark on a mini-tour of Europe. In other news: Graduation could not come quickly enough.  We've had pizza three ...

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Not dead
Contrary to popular belief and/or desire, I'm alive. A quick update: I'll walk at graduation in the spring, but I won't get my diploma until late summer after I spend a month studying abroad in Switzerland. Boo hoo, right? Unfortunately, Max won't be coming...

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