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I get hungry when I'm angry
I get hungry when I'm angry, I eat everything in sight, But I don't get angry often So it shouldn't be a plight. But I also eat when tired, Sad or happy, or just bored, I eat to satisfy my hunger And then I eat some more. Sometimes I eat for energy, But mos...

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swimsuit season won't break me this year.
As far back as I can remember, I've hated putting on a bathing suit.  Even without the hassle of sunscreen (hello bane of my existence) it always felt like torture trying to find a suit that didn't accentuate my belly roll or wide hips or thick limbs or uns...

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i can't find my phone.
My phone has gone missing, probably lost beneath a couch cushion or pile of dirty clothes or hiding amongst the hundreds of board books regularly scattered across the living room. The dishes are piled up in the sink, half-rinsed and simply needing to be thr...

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days like today
We have lived in this little house for 10+ months now, but today our little house feels connected to our little neighborhood.   We went to the neighbor's for swimming and dinner last night, and saw them again at the parade this morning.  Friendly hellos lik...

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I resolve to
eat less, exercise more. always kiss Trevor 'fore he goes out the door. cook more, complain less. keep important things, donate the rest. watch my language, say my prayers. always dress the kids in layers. save money, avoid take-out. give more hugs, try not...

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Some days
Some days are diamonds and some days are the crud on the bottom of your shoe that you can't quite identify and aren't quite sure you would want to anyway. Some days I feel fulfilled and kind of like super-mom when I get the house cleaned AND feed the kids A...

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A Holiday Party: Afterthoughts
We survived our first physics department holiday gathering with Trevor's new colleagues ..  I feel like that makes us official.  It was a pleasant enough evening, although we did have some hiccups.  Upon arrival, I asked Maxwell to please let me know if he ...

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Quiet Time
There are no empty seats so I'll sit on the floor.  There are books on the chairs and coats piled by the door. The counters are covered with dishes galore and dust bunnies THIS big I've ne'er seen before. But the house has gone still, there's no noise anymo...

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I guess I last posted in December 2012.  Not much has happened since then, but here's a quick recap:  new car, new baby, new job, new house.  Looking back now I guess we've been a bit busy. It's naptime for both kids now, i.e. the perfect opportunity for me...

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