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Heart Dropper...
“What’s that buzzing?” I grumbled. Jerking up as soon as I
finished saying the words, forgetting where I was for a second. I looked around
and managed to somehow get my bearings in the dark. Andrews bed? Yes. That was
right. Holy cow. “Andrew,” I grumbled s...

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The Words I Couldnt Say...
I climbed the stairs to his front door, white knuckling the
6 packs as a result of my nerves. I could almost feel my whole body shaking.
What was wrong with me? I was so sure this was right but at the same time I
know how wrong it is. What’s that famous say...

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From bubbles to beers.
Work went by almost quicker than ever, especially for a humid
August Monday morning. After the typical morning rush at 8 we only had about 20
customers the rest of the day. It was actually quite weird for a summer morning
but I assumed the rain and humidity...

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New blog!
I have felt rather lost lately without writing. While things have gone differently with my fictional writing, I have recently started a new blog, sharing recipes and travels that have been happening in my life. Click here  to check it out. Much appreciated ...

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A Bottle of Wine in the pm and Strong Coffee in the am Fixes Everything.
“Need. Coffee.” I heard Lauren groaning as I came into the
kitchen around 6:30. I laughed hearing her, not expecting either of the girls
to be awake when I snuck out for work. After finishing our personal bottles and then dipping into a
box of wine I had in...

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It's simply complicated.
Sometimes (most times) life gets in the way of the things we are most passionate about. For me, life got in the way of my writing. I miss this blog. I miss my devoted readers. I know it was not really nice of me to just up and disappear. But, Jessica wants ...

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"Our girlfriends are our soulmates..." -Sex in the City
I lay curled up on my couch with a half-eaten pint of Ben
& Jerry’s and binge watching Scandal on Netflix. I wasn’t excepting to be
this upset about ending things with Cole. I had even canceled my dinner plans
with Andrew, and he was ultimately the one I ch...

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Half of my heart's got a right mind to tell you that i cant keep loving you...
I sat nervously on my back deck, watching as locals and
summer renters walked up and down the beach at the water’s edge, a few people were
swimming around out there. I had texted Cole back a few minutes after he
answered me this morning and asked him to com...

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Time to put on my big girl panties....
“So what do you think I should do?” I asked, wiping a tear
off my face. It was just after lunch and my brothers where playing in the
water with Cay, leaving me and my dad on the beach alone. I filled him in on my
situation, knowing he would be disappointed ...

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A well over due and much needed weekend of writing is in the near future. Thanks for standing by me and Jessica's story. Sorry for the wait, but it wont be much longer now!
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