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Tony Butcher
Enthusiastic about so many things
Enthusiastic about so many things

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The Ignorant Arrogance of the Establishment
Y ou can’t help noticing, can you, that there is an awful lot
of whinging about the current political results sweeping across the world. The election of Donald Trump has evoked protest marches, as
did the European Referendum result in the U.K. Yet rather th...

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The Real Reason's We Need an October Election
We need a General Election in October, not because of the
change in Prime Minister but because of the change in the UK. In Britain we do not elect the Prime Minister, we elect
individual Members of Parliament to represent us and the leader of the party

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The Immigration Issue
The result of the UK referendum on whether or not to stay
within the European Union resulted in a narrow majority to leave. However since the vote there are many who have protested,
called for a second referendum and slated the result with such a passion it...

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The Reality of the EU Referendum
While the political and wealthy elites along with large
vested interest institutions inundate us lesser mortals with their arguments
for remaining in or leaving the EU the reality is neither argument holds up
and, in the end, there will be very little diffe...

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A Need for an Honest Open EU Debate
Politicians are trusted less than
Estate Agents, in fact in a recent Ipsos-Mori Poll just 21% of Britons trust
politicians to tell the truth. (

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The terrible atrocities that took place in Paris last week
have sparked the usual response that occur whenever the world is faced with the
murderous actions of extremists who seek to use terror to impose whichever
ideology the espouse. From the high level r...

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Immigration: Heads Buried in Westminster Sand
your minds back to late April 2010, the day Gordon Brown’s microphone was left
on following his encounter with Gillian Duffy and, after her reference to
Eastern European immigrants, the word he used to describe her. Fast
forward back to today and we di...
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