New perspectives for hydraulic lifts
Hydraulic lifts have always been there. They are particularly suitable for certain applications such as low rise - low traffic buildings, taking advantage of their efficient car – shaft surface ratio and of their reduced cost compared with alternative solutions. They were fairly competitive during many years and still they are, but a new requirement appeared which brougth a shadow over them; energy efficiency.
For this kind of applications, energy efficiciency should not be an issue. Stand by is the biggest contribution to total consumption in these cases and it can be optimized easily even below traction solutions. Additionally, if we consider the total life cycle of the lift, things could be different.
In any case, from my point of view, new perspectives are open today for hydraulic lifts, so as there is big space for the introduction of new technologies which can defeat this views of hydraulic lifts as old-fashioned and obsolete. Examples are 3VF, electronic valves, intelligent controllers, adaptative electronics, etc. All these can contribute to reduce running consumption and power demand, to create A class hydraulic lifts.
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