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So I got this Acer C710, the ivey-bridge model, and I flashed the firmware with coreboot, and installed a 500GB HDD and proceeded to install Ubuntu 13.10.  It ran flawless the whole time.  I got a good deal on a Boost Pro Plus 7MM 480GB SSD.  I slapt it in the chromebook and ghosted the drive.  However now this thing is so friggin hot.  I opened it up, the drive doesn't seem that hot, but the CPU is scorcher.  Has anyone else done this, or had this issue?  Why did the SSD change raise the temps so much?

Is anyone else having major stability issues with pantheon-files?

Aside from installing mate, is there any other way to get global menus in wingpanel?

Whats a good open source linux program for drawing website mock-ups.  Might want to do some app designs too so if there is once that does both that would be awesome.

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Ubuntu 13.10 Official release today.  Will it be enough to draw me away from elementaryOS luna?  Probably not, but I'm sure I have room for another virtual machine.

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'It's hard to explain puns to kleptomaniacs because they always take things literally.'

starting up a hangout for no reason at all, let me know if you want in.
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