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Taiwan Stamping Parts Hueibin Enterprise Corp

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“沖壓廠商”用沖壓加工 “stamping parts” stamping(press working)
“沖壓廠商”用沖床 “stamping parts” press
“沖壓廠商”用沖壓模具 “stamping parts” stamping die
“沖壓廠商”用剪應力 “stamping parts” shear stress
“沖壓廠商”用抗剪強度 “stamping parts” shear strength
“沖壓廠商”用模輥 “stamping parts” die roll
“沖壓廠商”用切斷加工 “stamping parts” cutting
“沖壓廠商”用分段加工 “stamping parts” parting
“沖壓廠商”用下料加工 “stamping parts” blanking
“沖壓廠商”用沖孔加工 “stamping parts” piercing
“沖壓廠商”用切邊加工 “stamping parts” trimming
“沖壓廠商”用沖缺口 “stamping parts” notching
“沖壓廠商”用沖切縫 “stamping parts” lancing
“沖壓廠商”用準下料加工 “stamping parts” half-blanking
“沖壓廠商”用準沖孔加工 “stamping parts” half-punching
“沖壓廠商”用刮光加工 “stamping parts” shaving
“沖壓廠商”用精密下料 “stamping parts” fine blanking
“沖壓廠商”用精整加工 “stamping parts” finish blanking
“沖壓廠商”用V形彎曲 “stamping parts” V-bending
“沖壓廠商”用U形彎曲 “stamping parts” U-bending
“沖壓廠商”用L形彎曲 “stamping parts” L-bending
“沖壓廠商”用O形彎曲 “stamping parts” O-bending
“沖壓廠商”用Z形彎曲 “stamping parts” Z-bending
“沖壓廠商”用捲邊加工 “stamping parts” curling
“沖壓廠商”用引伸加工 “stamping parts” drawing
“沖壓廠商”用深引伸加工 “stamping parts” deep drawing
“沖壓廠商”用浮壓成形 “stamping parts” embossing
“沖壓廠商”用逆向引伸 “stamping parts” reverse drawing
“沖壓廠商”用再引伸 “stamping parts” redrawing
“沖壓廠商”用拉張成形 “stamping parts” stretch forming
“沖壓廠商”用沖鍛成形 “stamping parts” progressive cold forming
“沖壓廠商”用縮頸成形 “stamping parts” necking
“沖壓廠商”用冷間成形 “stamping parts” cold forming
“沖壓廠商”用鼓脹成形 “stamping parts” bulging
“沖壓廠商”用凸緣成形 “stamping parts” flanging
“沖壓廠商”用孔凸緣成形 “stamping parts” hole flanging
“沖壓廠商”用壓印加工 “stamping parts” coining
“沖壓廠商”用鍛粗加工 “stamping parts” upsetting
“沖壓廠商”用引縮加工 “stamping parts” ironing
“沖壓廠商”用旋鍛加工 “stamping parts” swaging
“沖壓廠商”用定寸加工 “stamping parts” sizing
“沖壓廠商”用刻印加工 “stamping parts” marking
“沖壓廠商”用側向沖孔加工 “stamping parts” cam piercing
“沖壓廠商”用側向水平切邊加工 “stamping parts” horizontal trimming
“沖壓廠商”用胚料 “stamping parts” blank
“沖壓廠商”用加熱成形 “stamping parts” hot forming
“沖壓廠商”用成形極限 “stamping parts” forming limit
“沖壓廠商”用引伸極限比 “stamping parts” limit drawing ratio
“沖壓廠商”用液壓成形 “stamping parts” hydroforming
“沖壓廠商”用擠製加工 “stamping parts” extruding
“沖壓廠商”用回彈 “stamping parts” springback
“沖壓廠商”用壓延方向 “stamping parts” roll direction
“沖壓廠商”用調質壓延 “stamping parts” skin pass
“沖壓廠商”用矯直加工 “stamping parts” straighting (leveling)
“沖壓廠商”用沖頭 “stamping parts” punch
“沖壓廠商”用沖切模具 “stamping parts” cutting die(tool)
“沖壓廠商”用下料模具 “stamping parts” blanking die(tool)
“沖壓廠商”用沖孔模具 “stamping parts” piercing die(tool)
“沖壓廠商”用彎曲模具 “stamping parts” bending die(tool)
“沖壓廠商”用成形模具 “stamping parts” forming die(tool)
“沖壓廠商”用引伸模具 “stamping parts” drawing die(tool)
“沖壓廠商”用複合模具 “stamping parts” compound die(tool)
“沖壓廠商”用連續模具 “stamping parts” progressive die(tool)
“沖壓廠商”用精密下料模具 “stamping parts” finblanking die(tool)
“沖壓廠商”用傳送模具 “stamping parts” transfer die(tool)
“沖壓廠商”用捲材 “stamping parts” coils(tool)
“沖壓廠商”用料條佈置 “stamping parts” strip layout
“沖壓廠商”用胚料佈置 “stamping parts” blank layout
“沖壓廠商”用空站 “stamping parts” idle stage
“沖壓廠商”用切縫 “stamping parts” lance
“沖壓廠商”用沙漏形切縫 “stamping parts” hourglass lance
“沖壓廠商”用圓形切縫 “stamping parts” circular lance
“沖壓廠商”用送料節距 “stamping parts” feed pitch
“沖壓廠商”用直接導引 “stamping parts” direct pilot
“沖壓廠商”用間接導引 “stamping parts” indirect pilot
“沖壓廠商”用胚料佈列 “stamping parts” blank layout
“沖壓廠商”用側邊沖切 “stamping parts” side cut
“沖壓廠商”用電腦輔助設計 “stamping parts” Computer Aided Design (CAD)
“沖壓廠商”用電腦輔助製造 “stamping parts” Computer Aided Manufacture (CAM)
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1.公司名稱: 匯賓實業股份有限公司
2.公司地址: 桃園縣龜山鄉大華村頂湖一街8巷6號
3.創立時間: 公司成立於1976年05月01日
4.經營理念: 品質 責任 創新
●公司成立於 1976年05 月
●2006年6月份擴建廠房, 廠地面積達1100坪。
7.主要設備:銑床、磨床、鉋床、旋臂鑽床、油壓沖床、200噸氣壓沖床、150噸氣壓沖床、110噸氣壓沖床、80噸氣壓沖床、60噸沖床、35噸沖床、35噸C型沖床、15噸C型沖床、8噸C型沖床、5噸C型沖床、30KW空壓點焊機、7.3KW CO2焊接機 機器人自動焊接機
a. 汽車沖壓零組件、各種沖壓零組件
b. 電子、電腦沖壓零組件
c. 電機沖壓零組件、 LED 沖壓零組件
d. 焊接及各式沖壓件製造 

Best Regards   Mr. Kevin Lin 
Tel :+886.3.3282307   EXT:217  
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沖壓件 五金件   衝壓廠商  沖壓供應商 -  匯賓實業股份有限公司 

電話:03-3282307;03-3282345  傳真: 03-3282308
地址: 333桃園縣龜山鄉大華村頂湖一街8巷6號,

Tel :+886.3.3282307   EXT:217  
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Hueibin Enterprise Corp offers precision metal stampings for all industries, specializing in complex, high precision parts.  We manufacture parts ranging from small precision gears for instrumentation to large auto parts. Our expertise ensures that your part will be manufactured to your exact specifications and to the highest quality standards.
Hueibin Enterprise Corp’s experienced tool and die department will work with you to develop custom tooling for your part based on the material, complexity of the part and quantity required.  We offer single stage, compound and progressive die designed and manufactured by our in-house team.
Precision Stamping Capabilities
Our precision manufacturing capabilities include:
• Complete stamping services, including blanking, coining, bending, drawing, forming and piercing
• Custom tooling designed and manufactured by Hueibin Enterprise Corp 's mold department, including single stage, compound and progressive die. Our staff will work with you to develop the most effective tooling to manufacture your part based on the material, complexity of the part and the quantity required.
• A wide range of materials, including steel, aluminum, brass, stainless steel, sheet metal, copper, brass, plastics and specialty metals. All our materials are traceable, with full certifications. We can provide environmental statements if required.
• AS ISO 9001:2010 certified
• Complete finishing and assembly services
• Just In Time
Metal Stamping Materials
Here at Hueibin Enterprise Corp we work with a complete range of materials to offer customers a large choice in specifications:
• Steel
• Aluminum
• Stainless Steel
• Plastics
• Copper
• Brass
• Specialty Metals

• Industries We Serve
We are proud to provide high quality precision metal stamping solutions for a number of different industries:

• Electronics stamping parts
• Auto stamping parts
• Motor stamping parts
• LED stamping parts
• Building Hardware stamping parts

Tel :+886.3.3282307   EXT:217  
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We give our customers a plethora of custom stamping part choices that cater to tool designs, molding, casting, and I.T. auto technology. Whatever piece you need for your car, we can deliver. Do not worry about how old or how new your car is because our customization of metal parts can go in just about any direction. All you need to do is email or fax a copy of your specifications for the parts that you want customized. Our engineers will be in touch with you to verify and go over all the details of your order. That way you can be sure to get the exact auto parts that you wanted.  Please contact Hueibin Enterprises for all your metal stamping parts needs. 
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3C Products

            3C Products, or custom computer case products, are extremely beneficial for people who want to build their computer or find a replacement case for their computer which cannot be obtained from the original manufacturer. Hueibin Enterprise Corp has almost 40 years of experience in manufacturing and designing custom computer cases as well as racks and other computer accessories. Some of our most frequent orders for customized parts include the base of monitors, computer control panel, hard stand for notebook, server chassis, speaker stand, television fixed stand and more. Whatever type of case or accessory you need, we can accommodate your wishes.

            Computer cases are important because they protect the internal structure of your computer system. This is the area made up of your computer’s components such as the circuit boards, electrical wires and so on. It is important to have a case that is fully intact and without any imperfections, or else you are risking damage to your computer’s components. The people who typically order our computer cases have either damaged their old cases or they simply want a cosmetic makeover by having us design them a case that looks completely different. Even though the shape and style of the case should match the previous case, this doesn’t mean the material and cosmetic design can’t be changed. Perhaps you want a white server chassis instead of a black chassis or metal meshes for your speakers instead of plastic meshes. We will work hard to manufacture and design the customized case you envisioned for your computer equipment.

            If you are interested in having Hueibin Enterprise design you a customer computer case for your computer or accessory, then send us an email with your specifications for the case and how fast you want the price quote. Since every customer’s project is unique, we have to study all of their specifications down to the last detail before we can quote a price. This is why we don’t advertise prices on our website. Our 3C products business strictly deals with customized parts and there are a number of variables that go into determining the price. We need to know how fast you want the parts, the material for the parts, the size, the shape and any other unique features about your project’s design. Once we have all this calculated and figured out, we will send you a price quote with an itemized list of all the factors that went into obtaining the price. That way you will know everything about what we are doing and where your money is going. 
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Hueibin Enterprise Corp

Hueibin Enterprise Corp has been leading pioneers in the metal stamping industry since 1976. Based in Taiwan and with a factory of over 3300 square meters, the company covers quality metal stamping throughout Asia.

Metal stamping is the difficult process of transforming sheet metal into different shapes and parts, with the help of dies. Hueibin Enterprises offers a variety of high quality metal stamped parts, as well as making casting, plastic injection moulding, rubber moulding, extrusion and blowing services available throughout Taiwan.

The company performs services on a huge scale and has affiliations and relationships with many other sectors due to the services they provide to them. For example, much of Hueibin’s work involves the manufacture of metal stamped products for household appliances and for the automotive industry. They are also known to produce parts for external use, such as rain gutters.

Since the late 1970’s Hueibin Enterprise Corp has been manufacturing and designing metal stamped computer accessories, namely cases, racks and monitor bases. The vision of the company is impressive, they knew they had tapped into a huge market with the computer industry and this has allowed the business to thrive through the decades.

It is perhaps the decision to begin manufacturing for the computer industry that has been the defining factor in Hueibin’s success and they still continue today to make computer parts and accessories.

Following this success and the growth of the computer industry, the company now has improved technology and state-of-the-art equipment.

Even today Hueibin Enterprise Corp is still one of the leading and most respected metal stamping brands in the world.

For more information please contact us:
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Press 300 ton 
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