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Time to warn my friends.

“When I despair, I remember that all through history the way of truth and love have always won. There have been tyrants and murderers, and for a time, they can seem invincible, but in the end, they always fall. Think of it--always.”
― Mahatma Gandhi

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More police hacking powers will help stop everything bad, right? What could go wrong?

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Idaho uses paper voting systems. No computers to screw up the vote plus you have an audit trail. We know we have the true vote from Idaho. Also notice that Idaho gathers ALL the votes then issues a statement. No leaking early results so newsies can declare a winner. Bravo Idaho.

Meanwhile Arizona show how badly electronic systems can screw up. It's reported that 2/3 of Democrats were turned away because their party was changed. People waited 2-6 hours to vote. We will never know the true vote from AZ.

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I'm glad lots of people turned out for the democratic caucus.
from this Kansas report: "The lines at Democratic caucus sites were so long that the venues could not accommodate all the people coming to support a candidate. Voters were forced to "sign in" for their preferred candidate and leave to make room for more people."

My state will vote after the FBI decides if it's indicting anyone in the Hillary email investigation. That decision is due in MAY. 

Found an interesting line in the web server logs today.
It started with POST /%70%68...
and decodes to:

phppath/php?-d allow_url_include=on -d safe_mode=off -d suhosin.simulation=on -d disable_functions="" -d open_basedir=none -d auto_prepend_file=php://input -n

That turns off surhosin and safe_mode, reenables every function then shovels stuff in via rest of the post.

Got to love the PHP exploits.

Windows 10 is the devil. I had to reinstall it again (3rd time).

This time is was 'Update for Windows 10 Version 1511 for x64-based Systems (KB3106246) - Error 0x80070643'.

Why is MS still using Fortran II style error codes in 2015? Oh wait they say Error instead of ABEND so that's super modern.

There is much conflicting advice on that error going back to WinXP. Maybe caused by dotNet, or a bad DVD player. Who knows. None of the fixes worked but reinstall got rid of the bad update.

So far, I''ve lost seven work days to Windows 10 update problems since Dec 8th.

I'd be on linux or mac normally but my current project uses hardware with windows DLL only.

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Would the RNC blame candidates and cut them off from their data? No.

Would RNC announced the leak to the Post? Nope. The RNC might sue NGPVAN.

NGPVAN says "users were unable to export lists of people." Yet they continue to say one person might have some data at Sanders campaign. Retained in their brain or disk? How much? Screen shots? Scripted wget's? 60G of pages downloaded in 2 minutes? What?

As a system admin, I wonder about the system logs evidence. NGPVAN better preserve it.

Also I wonder if NGPVAN has a staging server and tests for cross campaign access. Bet NGPVAN is writing that test today.

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Yay, a puzzle I can do, even without the sound previews. Very enjoyable.

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I give to the EFF every year. It's that time again. They are a most EFFective organization. What do they do? How about free SSL certificates AND HTTPS everywhere campaign AND fighting for net-neutrality AND arguing backdoors in encryption hurt us all AND lots more.
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