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It's official: Android apps will run on Chromebooks without any changes and without ARC.

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For *distraction-free* writing, *Calmly* is one of only a few really nice solutions for the Chrome browser. Works offline, save to your local file system which, naturally can include Dropbox and Google Drive, so this is a good choice for Chromebook users as well as "normal" computers. Give it a try :-)

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Windows 10 update will add Linux command line
This could be interesting. Already in Windows 10, the standard command prompt window is a major improvement over the Windows 7 version (I never tried Windows 8).

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Must-watch documentary, relevant not only to Facebook users.

#maxSchrems   #facebook   #privacy   #censorship   #bigbrother   #safeharbor  

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Stoic movie review: Trumbo
One of the most thought provoking blog posts of recent times by Massimo Pigliucci. Parallels with current day paranoia in the "war on terror".

#stoic   #stoicism  

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Ars Technica SteamOS gaming performs significantly worse than Windows

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New encryption ransomware targets Linux systems
"The antivirus software company Doctor Web has issued an alert about a new form of crypto-ransomware that targets users of Linux-based operating systems. Designated as "Linux.Encoder.1" by the company, the malware largely targets Web servers, encrypting their contents and demanding a ransom of one bitcoin (currently about £250)."

#linuxInsecurities   #ransomware  

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All you stoics. Here's a poll for you.
As a Stoic, do you believe a a deity -- one or more gods? 

In the latest Painted Porch podcast, +Mark Johnston mentioned his gut feeling was a majority (51% or more) of Stoics were atheists (or agnostics?). So I want to find out. Thanks!
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