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Global Lives Project
Step out of your world
Step out of your world


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You're invited to step into the Global Lives Project, a video library of life experience being build by nearly 2,000 volunteer filmmakers, translators, and producers around the world. We are hosting an immersive video exhibit with more than a dozen screens and wall projections. 

Order tickets at

We welcome new and longtime friends to join us for a fantastic celebration. Attendees include luminaries in video, new media, arts, and education – and hopefully, you!

Your donation will count towards our $30,000 goal to invest in young global citizens. With your support, we will send curriculum kits we created for over 400 teachers around the world who want to use our videos as a resource to build empathy in their classroom. This event is 48 hours before our deadline! Learn more at!


6pm – doors open for VIP and GVIP members.
7pm – doors open for all guests.
Appetizers provided to all guests.
Drinks available for purchase, including our special Global Lives Caipisakê!
8pm – we’ll learn about teachers using video of life experience from special guests Andrew Mahlstedt (a professor living in Bosnia who led our film crew in Nepal), Nicki Pfaff (a high school teacher in San Jose who is our current Education Fellow), and Naomi Ture (producer of our Vietnam shoot).
9:30pm – the music and party turns up with DJs and dancing.

Event sponsorship also supports our work! Benefits for individuals and organizations include recognition in print, online, and out loud at the event, digital gifts, and VIP spaces reserved. Interested? Contact

Press & Media:
Want to cover this event and our month-long exhibit? Contact

Help us make this event possible by volunteering! Want to help? Fill out our volunteer sign-up form at
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The National Endowment for the Arts has given us a grant for $115K—but only if we match it! Help us make it to the finish line! Your contribution will document 10 lives from our world in transit!
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Thank you so much to Jane McGonigal for your support and encouragement for the Global Lives Project! We love this glowing endorsement!!

"Global Lives is the ultimate immersive adventure, a completely unique chance to experience not just one, but ten alternate realities, in a single day. You get to really see and feel what it would be like to live another life, every ordinary and extraordinary detail of it, 10 times over. The first Global Lives series blew my mind. Lives in Transit promises to be a wild ride. I can't wait to find out where it takes us. And it's only possible because of a massively-scaled collaboration made up of filmmakers from around the world, and our Kickstarter backers. Please join me and support Global Lives today on Kickstarter and help unlock their matching grant from the National Endowment for the Arts!"

-Jane McGonigal

World-renowned game designer; Inventor of SuperBetter; Author of New York Times bestseller, Reality Is Broken.
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