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#15 Tree Relocation Project - The Tree is Home!!!!
In our last blog post, detailing our tree relocation project, we left off as the tree was being piped and strapped down for the moving process.  Since that initial post, 16 days ago, a lot has happened. Most importantly, a 75' tall white oak once again resi...

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Tree Relocation Update - #15
In our last post, our contractor, Hess Landscaping, had begun excavating the root-ball of a 75' tall white oak tree to be relocated on our 15th hole. To refresh everyone's memory, our 15th hole was designed around a similar tree. We lost that tree back in J...

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Member Update - Tree Relocation #15
Member, We are pleased to announce the tree transplant project is
underway.  The contractor arrived Monday, February 13 th and, as
you see in the included photo, has begun working to expose the tree’s root
ball.  The area being excavated is approximate...

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New Walk Trail To #2 Tees
Over the years, the walking trail between the 1st green and 2nd tee has been problematic. Between shade and poor drainage, the grass on this trail has always succumbed to traffic stress over the course of the golf season. In fact, many times in late fall, e...

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Recently we have began our winter aerification process,
which entails punching 3/4” solid tines set to a depth of 8” on fairways and 1/2”
solid tines with a 6” depth on tees and approaches. Fairways will be punched
twice in opposite directions, while our mo...

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Sod Restoration Project
Recently, our club has decided to invest in restoring our primary rough to a pure stand of turf-type, tall fescue. Over the life of the club, invasive weeds such as creeping bent, common Bermuda, poa triv and annual bluegrass have become an aesthetic and fu...

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Seasonal Venting
This Blog Post courtesy of Robert Andershonis,
Assistant Superintendent While water is an essential building block to
all known life, excessive amounts of water becomes prohibitive to growing
healthy turfgrass; and we’ve had nothing short of excessive.  To ...

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2016 Spring Aeration Recap
Four weeks ago to the day, we began our 2016 spring aeration. Although we are really pleased with the recovery, we are still 10 days from being fully healed. The combination of an aggressive process and cool/cold nights has kept the grass from jumping. We c...

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Winter Projects Update - Final Blog Post
Our Winter Projects began in mid-January and as of today (aside from some growing-in and punch list items) we are finished and ready to focus on day to day maintenance. Although our blog will remain active throughout the year (aeration recap next week) our ...

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Winter Projects Update 3-16-2016
Over the past week, the construction crew has wrapped up all of their work on each project site. Chris Kelly and Landscapes Unlimited did a great job throughout the course. Now that the heavy lifting is over, our maintenance crew has been very busy laying s...
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