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Meadowbrook Dog Show
It was a beautiful Thursday afternoon and the the children were all romping about on the lawn with their chosen canines on leashes (some homemade for lack of collars) when I had an idea. Why not have a dog show!!?!?! I already had the camera in hand and was...

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I turned 18! (Holiday Happenings in Review) me! Hahaha Chase and myself before the party. Just a little taste before everyone arrives. My best friend for life. She's the best sister/BFF I could have ever asked for.  The above picture was the result of much of this Its hard to...

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Shopping Trip (Holiday Happenings in Review)
This week our Aunt Beverly took us shopping for both Marissa's and my birthdays! We had so much fun! Our first stop was the Mall (sadly I was too busy shopping to take any photos) and then we got hungry so we went to O'Charleys for lunch/supper. I didn't fe...

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Savannah Kate
I know this may sound crazy...but no sooner then a week after being snowed in we got two days of the most fabulous warm weather imaginable! Right about now you could use the phrase...."Oh, that's so Southern"!.....LOL 

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Someone is Growing Up!
Savannah lost her first tooth this month and already has another one on its way out too!  She was so excited! What is funny is that the one still hanging in there is right in the middle and looks slightly comical, perched there all by itself!  Too cute.  Ex...

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A Daroby Evening in the Backyard.
For the James Harriott fans out there I'm sure your heart skipped a beat when you heard the title. Much as mine did when I walked out into our Daroby world outside my backdoor yesterday. The mist was spectacular, but the sun created just enough of a glow th...

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Snowed In (Part Two)
As promised, here is the second installment of the pictures I took while we were snowed in. ( Link to first post ) With this crazy southern weather you never know what is coming next....Today we were outside in short sleeves and enjoyed a pleasant warm bree...

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Snowed In. (Part One)
We got a total of nine inches of snow yesterday and if you happen to live in Bama, you know what that means! Everything shuts down, all roads are closed, no one goes anywhere and you are basically snowed in until the snow melts! It started snowing around la...

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Cinderella Ballet (Part Two)
Here comes the Prince in search of the one who fits the shoe. Even the StepMother tried to squeeze her foot into the tiny slipper! Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful!  The Stepsisters taking a bow....hahaaha! And then it was over...and the crowd erupted in rou...

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Cinderella Ballet (Part One)
On Thursday Mama drove all of us Ballenger girls and our Aunt Beverly down to Birmingham  for a special girls day out to attend the Alabama Ballet performance of "Cinderella" at Samford University's Wright Center. Who doesn't enjoy art at its finest?!?! It ...
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