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Mark Moran
Geek ophthalmologist
Geek ophthalmologist


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Cataract Surgery and Cost
A wise ophthalmologist once said every person will eventually need cataract surgery if they live long enough.  The number of Americans over the age of 40 with cataracts is 20.5 million!  3 million plus Americans had cataract surgery in 2012.  As we live lon...

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Something I wrote a while back for a marketing course. I'd love to hear opinions on it.

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Abstract Social Media is
a type of publishing that can easily be used to market and disseminate
information to a large group of people almost instantaneously.   It is easily created by an individual, or
group of people, including government entities, and co...

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Congratulations.  Funny you don't look old enough to be a grandparent. :) And what's with the GLASSES?

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