OK, let's get this show on the road. Here are the collaborative building ideas so far: hexagon sequencer, dual-probability sequencer, and one good idea from twitter - using one Roux macro to modulate another, to select snaps or sequences.

I'm most interested in doing that last one first, as a warmup exercise for the others. So let it be written; so let it be done.

The first thing to do is replace the outdated clock in Roux with the new one designed for Reaktor 5.7.1 and above. This is a no brainer. I consider it done without having to look at it.

The next stage is, how will the sequence modulate? I think the quickest, easiest way is snap selection. The sound-generating sequencer will be controlled by snaps, and the meta-sequencer will select the snaps, and probably have a slower clock speed. BUT, and this is essential, it must itself be snap-isolated, otherwise it will recall different settings for itself as it recalls settings for the other Roux and related controls.

I could do this myself pretty quickly but that defeats the purpose of collaborative building. I want to see you guys do it, and post screen caps of your results, or share your files. This is the Reaktor equivalent of "drop and give me 20". :-)

So here is an index to the Roux tutorials and downloads:


And here is a link to the new clock macro:


Very eager to see what you come up with! 
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