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I can't see the new quest. 

Does anyone have a problem with air command showing after screen shot has been taken. It seems slow at times . is there a fix or update for this

What do you think of the Surface Studio? Did someone leave Samsung and start working for Microsoft?

I'm looking for a keyboard that has transparent buttons with no background. Most of the one I've seen have changeable background but I can't remove it or make it transparent. Any good recommendations will be appreciated

Loooking for neighbours

Does anyone who uses quick connect/nearby devices have a device show up in the list that's not theirs? I'm not able to remove it.

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Nothing creepy about this. Nothing at all.

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What do we really know and now did we come to know it? Seems memory is not so reliable as we first thought and now there are researchers that wants to implant and control what we perceive as memory. #memory  

How do make my drawing space full screen? 
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