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8 bedtime stretches to relieve lower back pain

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This is going to change everything!
01/2017: At the risk of sounding crazy or psychotic, I'm going to just put it out there... God has made it clear to me in the ways that only HE speaks to my spirit.... THIS IS GOING TO CHANGE EVERYTHING.  This = me choosing to have faith.  Everything = my r...

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A Test of Faith - 12/15/2016
Wait!  WHAT?  That's right.  I'm late.  WAIT!! WHAT??!!  How late?  Ummm... a week.  Now the fact that my bra is too tight and I gained three pounds last week for some bizarre unknown reason is making horrible sense.  I woke up one Sunday AM with that tell ...

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It happens in the hard, lean WAY in - 09/03/2016
Jon and I went up to McCall late on Friday night.  It was nearly dark when we left Nampa...Joy safely tucked in bed with G'ma at the house to care for our precious piece of life.  We arrived exhausted from a long week of firsts, first xc meet (Jon is the co...

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8/27/2016 Part 1: The vertical grounding.  Mind, Body, Soul.  Very separate entities with specific purposes.  The daily grounding and quiet reminders of where I've come from and who I was created to be.  This is my daily morning Jesus/coffee time. Part 2:  ...

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100 mile re-entry test #1
First of all, going into this race I already had my sights set on a future race.  I was using Beaverhead to do kind of a litmus test if you will.  Beaverhead is a 55K that is in high country.  Starts at a low elevation of 7500' (ish) and climbs to over 10K'...

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My Fountain of Youth
Yesterday was my last race before turning 40.  I said it.  I'm going to be 40 TOMORROW!  For the last several years, friends I have grown up with have been talking about how old we are.  It makes me crazy because up until the last year I haven't felt old AT...

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it's been a year since I wrote about running.....I finally have something to write about!  : )

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Miles, Training, and A New Friend I’m running again.   Our
babe is 8 months old.   I’m literally
training for a half marathon.   I feel
almost stupid saying that but I’m training with a girl who has never run more
than a 10K race.   She just started
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