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Let's review what ThriveAbility's goals are in 2016! Watch the introduction video here

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Dr Robin Wood explains in 180 seconds the key topics covered in the first day of the ThriveAbility MasterClass.

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A short interview with Dr Robin Wood, Founder of the ThriveAbility Foundation, about who would benefit from attending the ThriveAbility MasterClass? Are you an organizational leader, a change agent or a platform/systems provider? Find out how you can apply ThriveAbility right now to make your activities more thriveable right now,

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Welcome to the ThriveAbility News Channel. The Founder of the ThriveAbility Foundation, Dr Robin Wood, explains in this short video the need for a ThriveAbility Approach to close the sustainability, organizational and leadership/culture gaps that are creating the wicked problems leaders are grappling with.

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Welcome to the ThriveAbility News Channel. Learn more about what the goals for the ThriveAbility MasterClass are in this short but informative video featuring Dr Robin Wood, Founder of the ThriveAbility Foundation

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Everyone says that this is the "real" me ito my character coming through here, so, here I am, swimming with the fishes in my DJ :-)

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Added photos to From SUSTAINABILITY to THRIVEABILITY with Dr.Robin L.Wood.

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The latest data from the sky....

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Looking forward to sharing some of the wisdom accumulated in building up ThriveAbility in the past few years, and whats coming next :-) Come and join us...14 Jan at
A wise man once asked his pupil: Where does wisdom come from?
The pupil answered, correctly, Experience, oh wise one.
And where does experience come from, dear pupil?, asked the wise one.
The pupil was a little stuck with this one, so the wise man explained:
Experience is what one accumulates from many failures and a few successes in life, and experience teaches one what does not work, and what might, dear pupil.

What is THRIVABILITY? Have you ever thought about THRIVING in your life? Or where you mostly concerned with SURVIVING? 
Well, most of us are still in the surviving modality: being concerned about money, jobs, about the family, a constant effort to keep things going. And the idea of THRIVING belongs to a distant and unknown future.

Dr. Robin Wood ( +Robin Wood)  is Founder of the +ThriveAbility Foundation+.  The ThriveAbility Index and Assessment enable organisations to take transparent strategic decisions that enhance the thrival of their key stakeholders with a lower footprint through irresistible innovation breakthroughs.

Robin: My journey as a person,  the link to ThriveAbility, is the deep need I've always felt to be close to nature, and the pain I've always felt seeing the damage and destruction our industrial civilization has been inflicting on the planet, together with the growing, very serious dangers of climate change now looming over us.

Taking a careful look inside of all of us, I realised that we will need to motivate ourselves very differently in the future if we wish to survive as a species. This combined my lifelong interest in psychology, my passion for science with an aptitude for business and a love of all things integral, packaged into ThriveAbility.
See my website for more of the backstory:

About your hosts:

+Mark Davenport  is an American Midwesterner, frequent visitor to and now resident in Italy.  Degrees in English Literature and Secondary Education preceded a Masters degree in Italian Literature from the University of Wisconsin.  Years of teaching at secondary and university levels were followed by ever more “human interest” years as a certified drug and alcohol counselor, then to more mellow years in retail, culminating in more years as a “full time” retired Floridian before coming out into life again in Italy with years of philosophical, psychological and spiritual study supporting my passion to bring all that “head” knowledge to a practical emotional, physical and behavioral level where true transformation out from the decades of half-life so many of us experience.

ABOUT Heidi (+Adelheid Hörnlein
A native German and living in Italy for the past 30 years. I have an MA in communication science, was a professional singer, voice teacher, voice therapist before I was licensed in Gestalt Counseling and Transformative Coaching (Approach: ‘Feminine Power’ and related). I am also licensed as transformative leader. I am holding seminars and courses, live and online. My passion is 1:1 coaching for whatever difficulties people encounter in life, especially regarding relationships, but not only. If you are inspired to do so, please ask for a free discovery session by connecting with me on G+ or via our website: http://ThePowerOfRelationship.Com

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Augmented reality - is this one of the signs that we are knitting together a global (if still primitive) form of consciousness?
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