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Pat Gardiner
British campaigner for veterinary reform - once a shipbroker at Port of Felixstowe
British campaigner for veterinary reform - once a shipbroker at Port of Felixstowe

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MRSA, Superbugs and time to say Goodbye
August 8 marks the fifteenth anniversary of the discovery
of Classical Swine Fever in 2000 on a farm near here, with Foot and Mouth following in the February. Britain was also awaiting the results of an enquiry into the
origins of Mad Cow (BSE) at that time...

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Superbugs - Klebsiella pneumoniae may be entering our hospitals from meat.
Just when we thought it could not get any worse. Maryn McKenna writing in the National Geographic today on current research results in Texas. We have just picked out the main points, you can read the whole and review the science via this link. A Common Hosp...

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Britain - MRSA - Questions in Parliament - Reform will follow.
Things have been lively in both the House of Commons and and the House of Lords recently with a string of absurd State Veterinary double somersaults on antics antibiotic and matters mrsa. You could call it a veterinary Indian rope trick. The questions are s...

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MRSA found in English pork in English supermarkets?
Following the Guardian articles and video this morning, reports are now appearing in the trade media that MRSA st398 has been found in British pork in English supermarkets. Note that this is not the same as English pork in English supermarkets. The wording ...

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The superbug scandal unravelling in Europe
The superbug scandal, and in particular the responsibility of livestock farming for creating the problem continues, to grow. MRSA, although merely one of many antibiotic resistant infections shared with animals, continues to take centre stage. The volume of...

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Denmark & UK? - Almost every third box of pork is MRSA-infected
A doubtful machine translation, with much of the source material in Danish behind password protection, is causing a stir in Denmark. The Danes seem to be admitting that British supermarkets are full of MRSA contaminated Danish pork. From other prior sources...

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Superbugs "Sooner or later, somebody is going to be gunning for these guys."
Jim O'Neill, now Lord O'Neill as of the last few days, on Antibiotic Resistance in BBC 1 flagship Panorama last night: "Sooner or later, somebody is going to be gunning for these guys." They already are. In fairness, there has been a massive change in attit...

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Breaking - Hepatitis E confirmed in Irish Pigs
No surprise here then: a similar situation to Britain, finally admitted. What is disgraceful is how long the scandal took to be reported - and the health implications for pig farmers and staff, and, not least, veterinarians. The writer has been complaining ...

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USA and Britain - Pigs, Pork & Diabetes
This is a massively important report from the ever reliable Tara Smith and associates. It illustrates yet again the dangers from livestock related superbugs and how fast the USA is now drawing ahead of Defra dominated Britain with its constant denials and c...

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Chinese Inspectors Visit Northern Ireland Pork Processors
This story troubled the writer. He knew why, but had no solutions, but a good night's sleep put that right. The problem: There is no better way to spread diseases all over the world than to allow globe-trotting veterinarians and inspectors to tramp from far...
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