“Be the change you want to see in the world.” - Mahatma Gandhi
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To say someone cant do it shatters moral - to say lets see what you can do - and improve is how we change peoples destiny and attitudes. Bang up job & thanks for your time in the service!
Great. Just the thing I required today - thanks.
Awesome inspiration! This keeps me motivated!

I decided to make a lifestyle change this year and began working out. Barely survived my first couple of days working out but began to see swift improvement. In October, I'll be taking part in the Tough Mudder challenge - a 10-12 mile obstacle course designed by the British Special Forces and supports the Wounded Warrior Project, which aids "aid in brave Americans’ transition from service-connected injury to civilian life."
This video was a God send. I needed to hear the song and see this. There are so many things this year that has happened in my personal life that I felt like I can't go on. Others have told me things won't get better and I have tried to make things work and fought so hard to make my life work. But, there are always people out there telling you your wrong and you'll never succeed. I've tried but I don't know if I will succeed. To me it seems that ' THE NIGHT IS DARK AND FULL OF TERRORS" - The Red Woman from Game of Thrones. I feel like there is so much darkness and no light. Every time I see light I get sucked under. I'm so tired. I needed this video like an asthmatic needs air. I thank God I say it. Maybe I can keep going on just for a little while longer. Just maybe.....
Wow! That's so inspiring.

Gives me hope and has really motivated me to continue working on curing/rehabilitating myself - injured during my navy career.
very good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The only thing we can't to is never die. Otherwise, most things are choice. Truly inspiring.
thank you...the timing for this post is........thank you
That's really an emotive story, to say the least. Only the people that have seen themselves in despair to get out of an unfortunate set of limitations can understand how amazing that is.

Awesome, really awesome.
Rob P
amazing !!!
This is what people who are trying to change their lives need. Not patronizing platitudes. Not simplistic advice loaded with assumptions. The footage of the beginning of his journey, the shots of him falling down and getting back up, are the key to this video. The shots of him running and doing headstands at the end, while wonderful and inspirational to be sure, pale in comparison - people getting extraordinary results in any kind of endeavor is constantly the stuff of news stories and movies. No, the real power here is seeing someone in an awful situation gut out the steep part of the difficulty curve, the part where starting seems impossible and continuing seems twice as impossible, and get from "awful" to "bearable" - at which point the curve, while still perhaps daunting, no longer provokes existential terror. Overcoming the initial despair and uncertainty is the hardest part.
That story actually just made my day. That's awesome. My hat off to you sir
That's awesome.....Just proves "Never Quit, Never Give Up, You CAN Succeed"
oh that was amazing! really gives you hope with your dreams
Wait, DDP was his yoga instructor!??!?! No wonder!
Awful music btw. :D
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