*Blind Veteran Help Desk Q&A

Here are some of the most recent question sent into the Blind Veteran Help Desk along with our answers.

How many blind vets are there in the US?
The VA reports that are upwards of 70,000 plus.

How many Deaf veterans are there in the US?*
Again the VA reports upwards of 620,000

How would blind vets make phone calls for deaf vets?
Using hangouts, a blind vet and a deaf vet would communicate via chat. When the deaf vet entered in a phone number (using invites), the blind vet would communicate to the caller and chat back the responses to the deaf vet.

Have you trained any blind vets yet?
Yes, we have vets from WWII to OIF-OEF who are now in training.

Does Google support this effort?
We cannot be any more appreciative of the support we have been given by Google+ and the crew of +Vic Gundotra they have gone out of their way to help.

Does the VA support your activities?
The VA is supplying us with skilled trainers to help get the blind vets acclimated to hangouts.

Are you funded by the US government?
No, we are not. We are funded by the donations of american veterans and their families.

Do you need anything I might be able to provide?
Yes, we need programmers smart about the new hangouts API and we need some more smart PHP programmers to assist with our website launch. We are working hard to get our site up and ready for launch in and around Memorial day.

I heard someone say a deaf veteran is going to call President Obama using this process, that true?
Yes, it is true. In and around memorial day a whole host of calls by deaf veterans are being designed. The president is one call, there are many others.
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