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Arri likes polo shirts!
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Hmm I'm getting the vibe that the dog is just saying "Why?"
ah cute are you single add me to your circle
Dear Zack 
My name is Minh and i come from Vietnam 
glad to be acquainted with you 
add me to your yahoo list :
I wait your response
Zack scott i am one of your fans and if you can please subscribe to me on my youtube account which is The Thegreatk1d
hey zack scott are you ever going to play minecraft xbox 360 edition?
hey zack wat is your server ip
how u doing zack im just asking would u be my friend im a big fan and i ask because all my friends dont like me so it will be real cool to hav u as a friend
Hey zack I want to be in one of your videos im 13 a boy by the way
Check out my videos and is that a beagle?
hey zack 1 thing from make a wish i said was go on scottland but they actullat thought Scottland so i am on my own so the one thing from make a wish is go on zackscotts scottland for 1 day Please i am not begging but somewhat despret....... Please it would make the world for me :) try your best the username is StickyPistons904 and my email is so if you could please take it into consideration.
Zack can I be on scottland my minecraft name is tokpuppy6 send me the ip at
Zack can I be on scottland my minecraft name is tokpuppy6 send me the ip at
dude what the hell is wrong with you he wont let you on unless he knows you in person and only if you win a contest.
actually i dont even think u can win an ip u need to know him personally...
oh really oh sorry  for the typo then i just get a little tired of people wanting on his server...
no prob besides i guess everyone wants on im getting on macisco
hey zack what program you using to film games video?
OMG its zackscott hi zack im a big fan you are funny i watch your videos!
hi zack can i be in your s .r  on mc  pls  my n on mc is cojst
You can not you need to know him.
um sorry to do this out of the blue buts wha'ts the server IP for scottland....

Zacks the best
Hey angel girls and an even worse I'm high school insects
Hi Zack I'm just asking would u be my friend and I'm your biggest fan and I like your Dog

Stop sending them sending me messages
Agent P
Hi Zack im your fan. Could you please tell me how to download Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2-1.And i love Egon,Otto,Izzy and Arri.
love your walking dead series
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