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All the World's a Stage
All the World's a Stage

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Life is a Highway... Full of Pot Holes
I am wondering why the last few months I have been driving along the road of life only to blow my tires on these incessant pot holes?  It's been amazing. How many pot holes can I possibly find? For that fact, how many figurative tires can I continue to pop?...

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Random Acts of Kindness
It's been awhile. Karma and me have been on the outs. I don't speak to her and she definitely doesn't speak to me. I have felt alone in this universe for a very long time. That makes a person feel older than s/he really is. I feel a ton of weight on my shou...

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Ekphrasis as a New Source of Inspiration
Poetry has a new section: Ekpharsis. The term means: "a literary description of or commentary on a visual work of art," but Undawnted has taken the creativity one step further.  I have included chapbooks for original poetry inspired by not only masterpieces...

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A Higher State of Being
People new to meditation or visualization are often faced with the daunting task of: what do i do now? Ground and Align seeks to answer that question.  Take the frustration out of meditation. Here is a guided visualization to help you on your way. Tweek the...

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Autumn is Closer Than You Think
With approximately 144 days to go until the Autumnal Equinox, the change of seasons into the latter part of the year seem so far away.  We are still in the middle of spring. Summer is about to begin. Hot nights and even hotter days are gearing up for their ...

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Narrowing Down the Contents
The contents of the upcoming poetry book: Effloresce are being worked on at this moment! With a newly revised cover, Effloresce is shaping up to be more than a book themed on nature, but a powerhouse of imagery, philosophy, and observation with some politic...

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In the Name of Blood Book Cover Art
The vampire, crime-drama, In the Name of Blood is out in PDF, ebook form. The next books in the series are due out every year in October 2017, 2018 respectively.  With a book series, cover art is essential for readers to recognize the set. So the author cam...

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The Rain Update
Updated cover art and a page all by itself. The Rain should have a great time attracting poetry fans.  The Rain: Monsoon in the Desert is a long tale in lyric form about the monsoon, storms, desert creatures, and a lone human looking out for Mother Earth's ...

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Journals, Minders, and Calendars
It is not too late to pick up coordinating essentials for your writing needs. Choose your color scheme from Modern Dance to Perfect Harmony. Undawnted through Sonoran Dawn Studios has produced different designs for this year. Check out the Sonoran Dawn -- E...

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The Long and Winding Road
Fundraising is not anyone's best topic. You are asking people for money. That is a lose-lose situation to begin with.  When your health and safety are at risk, you are disabled and on a fixed income, what choices do you have?  I know I have to build a block...
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