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We have been busy with the #CrossFitOpen  season! Three workouts down, two more to go. Every Friday night we have Friday Night Lights. Our athletes do the workouts in heats, competition style. It's a LOT of fun and is an awesome atmosphere for pushing yourself harder than a normal class. 

Coming up we have a #community   workout at CrossFit Lewisville on Saturday, April 11 at 9:00 am. It's free and open to anyone and everyone. Community workouts are a great opportunity to check out #CrossFit  for the first time! After the workout we will be enjoying a mimosa to celebrate the end of the Open and beginning of the Regional season! Join us! The address to CrossFit Lewisville is 1400 Moccasin Trail St 18. 

Thursday, February 5 

A. Push Press Max

B. Death by Thrusters
1st minute do 1, 2nd minute do 2, 3rd minute do 3, etc

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Wednesday, February 4

You still have a few days to get signed up for Strength and Beauty. We are going to start at 6:30 pm at Flower Mound. Email to sign up!

Wednesday, February 4
A. Gymnastic Skill Work

B. Partner Workout 
100 Pull-ups
100 Push-ups
100 Sit-ups
100 Squats
Then, immediately start a Partner 3k Row

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We hope you guys have had a great weekend! 

As a reminder- sign up for Friday Night Lights now so that you can begin getting pledges for your lifts from family and friends. I will email you a pledge sheet when you sign up. The date is January 23 at Flower Mound. We will be doing the CrossFit Total (Max Back Squat, Shoulder Press and Deadlift). You will get pledges for number of pounds lifted and the money will go towards building a well for people in India!  Our goal is to help raise $1,400. Email to get signed up.

Monday, January 12

A. 10:00 to find a 2 rep Heavy Hang Power Clean

B. 21-15-9 
Push Press
Box Jumps

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A few pictures from the past week.
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Friday Night Lights- January 23

Every morning you and I wake up and shower, brush our teeth, and drink a big glass of pure, fresh water. We are incredibly blessed to have such abundant access to clean water. This is not the case for much of the world. Millions of people in India suffer, and even die, from waterborne diseases such as malaria, cholera, diarrhea, and typhoid simply because they have no access to clean water sources. The UN reported that India’s water quality is poor - it ranks 120th among the 122 nations in terms of quality of water available to its citizens. However, we can help! 

For Friday Night Lights this month CrossFit Flower Mound will hold a "Weights for Wells" CrossFit Total Lift-a-thon. You will find a 1-Rep Max for your Back Squat, Shoulder Press and Deadlift, and ask your friends and family to pledge a set amount of money for each pound you lift. This will be a fantastic opportunity to raise money for a great cause and lift heavy weights in good ol' CrossFit fashion! Together you and I can raise $1400 to bless those less fortunate than us. 

Email to sign up and receive a pledge sheet. Heats are limited in size.. so sign up early if you want a specific time slot. 

Visit here for more information on the well!

#jesus   #cleanwater   #crossfit   #goodcause  

Sorry I've been MIA this week. :) 

Today we worked through:

A. 10 Fast Box Jumps straight into 3 Long Broad Jumps- 3 rounds total. Rest after Broad Jumps

B. 15-13-11-9-7-5-3-1
Med-ball Sit-ups
Burpees over Bar

Tuesday, January 6

A1. Pull-ups 4x10
A2. Plank Hold 4x :45

B. 7x Heavy Power Clean + Hang Squat Clean + Split Jerk

C. Open Workout 11.3
5:00 AMRAP
Squat Clean and Jerk (165/110)

#crossfit   #highlandvillage   #lewisville   #flowermound  

Monday, January 5

A. Deadlift 3x5

B. 10:00 AMRAP 
10 Power Snatch
10 Box Jumps
10 Toes to Bar 

#crossfit   #lewisville   #flowermound   #highlandvillage   #fitness  

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Friday, January 2
A. Back Squat 3x5
B. 5:00 AMRAP
10 wall balls
10 box jumps
rest 2 min
4:00 AMRAP
10 HR push-ups
20 air squats
rest 2 min
2:00 AMRAP
one arm db snatches
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