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* full differentiated instruction lesson plan (please view preview)
* 3 levels of Vocabulary Sheets
* 2 levels of Note Sheets (based on the PowerPoint found by clicking on the following link: Bering Land Bridge Lesson Plan. The PowerPoint must be purchased separately but the notes and links are provided in the lesson if you would like to make your own PowerPoint.)
* Activity Choice Sheet spanning the Multiple Intelligences
* Diary Activity with rubric
* Comic Strip Activity with rubric
* Play-Doh Activity with rubric
* Song Activity with rubric

Each activity includes roles for students, simple steps and time limits to help keep them on task and move them along. 

The following is the content:

* 2 theories of how Native Americans came to the America's
* why they came
* how they came
* eventual development of civilizations
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Post has attachment helps teachers learn about the Common Core Standards and how to use them in the Middle School Social Studies Classroom. It even gives tips on how to differentiate instruction when you use the Common Core Standards!
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Have your students create a eulogy for Rebecca Latimer Felton! This lesson plan has it all, a vocabulary activity, 2 ability levels of note sheets, PowerPoint, and the eulogy activity with a rubric. Check it out! This is a great GA Studies lesson plan on Rebecca Latimer Felton, Dr. William Felton and the Convict Lease System.
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This PowerPoint on the Bourbon Triumvirate comes with a short chart activity at the end that will help your students review the content. It is based on the Georgia Performance Standards or GPS SS8H7
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This is the content that is included:

reasons for fighting
background information
foreign policy

The bundle includes:

Lesson Plan & PowerPoint
3 Ability Levels of Vocabulary Sheets
Enriched Note Sheets for both PowerPoints
Basic Note Sheets for Enriched PowerPoint
Basic Note Sheet for Basic PowerPoint
Critical Thinking Activity (not differentiated)
Critical Thinking Activity Answer Key
2 Ability Levels of Homework Paragraph Writing Assignment
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Get the Civil War Battles Differentiated Instruction PowerPoint that includes two different ability levels; enriched and basic!
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This lesson plan uses the common core standards because the activity focuses on reading comprehension about the conflicts between Natives and American citizens.

It includes: 

1. Lesson Plan with notes
2. 3 Ability Levels of Vocabulary Sheets 
3. Enriched Note Sheets 
4. Basic Note Sheets 
5. Reading Comprehension Activity 
6. Reading Comprehension Activity Answer Key 

The content includes:

1. Motivated by New Economic Opportunities (gold rush, boomtowns, ghost towns)
2. Changing Patterns of Movement: African Americans begin to move North (Great Migration or exodus, buffalo soldiers, jobs, tension)
3. Westward Settlement (transcontinental railroad)
4. Westward Settlement (homestead act, Oklahoma Land Rush)
5. Westward Settlement affects on Native Americans (reservations, massacres)
6. Westward Settlement affects Native Americans (Dawes Act)
7. Disappearance of the Frontier-Physical Limits of Geography (pollution, buffalo, etc.)
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Have your students choose between writing a Superhero Story or creating a Propaganda Poster! 
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Have your students create a Superhero story and use the Common Core Standards! This is a fun way to incorporate the common core. Did I mention that this lesson plan uses differentiated instruction? Check it out!
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The note sheets in this lesson plan are fabulous! There is even two different ability levels of them!
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