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Aubrey Tejada
I want to prove that eating healthy can be delicious!
I want to prove that eating healthy can be delicious!

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Delicious ideas for zucchini!
Hi Everyone! 
I am so sorry it has been so long since I have been on.  So much has happened and so many new recipes
have been tried.  With this post, I want
to play some “catch-up”!  Ok, so first, I
have lost about 6 pounds in a little less than 3 weeks.  I...

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If you aren't a fan of haven't tried my salmon cakes!
Salmon is one of those fish people either love it or hate it.  There is not usually an in-between.  We always hear how good salmon is for you and that you should eat it often.  Well, then you need to try this recipe.  I have blended several recipes I found ...

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What is quinoa?
I am sorry it has been awhile since I have been on. It was a busy week last week! However, I did still fit in some cooking which I will tell you about too. However, first, I wanted to talk to you about a delicious power food called: quinoa. Say it with m...

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Dairy....non-fat vs. full-fat
Dairy is a very controversial topic.  There are those who think we shouldn't have any dairy in our diets at all, there are those that only have non-fat dairy, those who can't stomach to drink a glass of milk, and then there are those, like me, who love a ni...

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A delicious way to serve cod...and quinoa!
Before I post my main topic for the night, I wanted to share my dinner.  There are a lot of people out there that are not crazy about fish.  I love making cod as it is an easy fish to make and not very "fishy".  It is very versatile and goes well in any rec...

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The recipe that started it all...
This is a short post.  I just wanted to post the recipe that inspired me to start this blog.  I posted pictures and the recipe on Facebook, and so many people commented on it.  My co-worker, Roni, even made it at home and she said it was good.  That day, De...

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Get a flat belly the Italian way!
When I was growing up, every time I went to the doctor, he told me "stay away from bread, pasta, and potatoes". Ok, the potatoes I can handle, but bread and pasta! Are you crazy? I am Italian! And my whole life up until a few years ago, I thought that these...

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My First Post
A Foodinista's Journey to getting healthy... So it took me awhile to think about what I wanted to write. This is the first time I ever had a blog. So what would I talk about? What could I write that would keep people wanting to come back? Well, I love to ea...

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