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Claude Fullinfaw
Everything you need about USANA Products or Business. Plus network marketing tips
Everything you need about USANA Products or Business. Plus network marketing tips

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Loved the way you put everything in perspective about marketing on the internet. Yes without a good message no one will find us and if they do they probably leave if they can't find relevant information on the sites. Great tips why content is king where marketing or marketing your message to our audience is concerned. Thanks for all the tips.

Brisbane, Australia

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Love this profile page

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What are your 2017 plans for the New Year?
With just one a week left have you reflected on what took place last year this time?

Did you even say down and make any plans towards the end of 2015? And if you did what were they? How close did you reach this year? Can you better the results and what are you planned to aim for in 2017?

Because if you don't aim for something, I am told you will surely hit something.

In my case I had big lofty goals too like so many. Yes I did not reach them all however I did manage to move away from the starting block last year. I have come a long way yet there is so much more to aim for. The horizons just seem to get bigger and better.

I will need to add a few tools in the 2017 box for the journey ahead -

more persistence,
more determination,
clearer milestones and benchmarks
with a better reporting system.

That's me - so now is your time to share a bit.
What about you?

Claude Fullinfaw



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Check out my latest blog post reflecting on life in 2016. Check out which screen will you linger on most. GOOGLE + if of value

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What lesson in network marketing did I learn yesterday while driving out from Brisbane to a meeting. Watch the video below. Claude

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Check out my latest post on what to do in 2017

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Are you looking for possibilities to earn extra income from home

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Lesson 23 - The Next Step | USANA Products Distributors Brisbane 

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Have you ever wanted to work from home and have more freedom
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