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Promise Home Care Agency, Inc.
Delivering quality and affordable home healthcare services.
Delivering quality and affordable home healthcare services.


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What Is the Therapeutic Index?

#TherapeuticIndex #HomeCare
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What Should You Do if You Missed Taking Your Medication on Time?

A majority of patients are guilty of missing their medication at least once.

In case that happens, take your next scheduled dose at the appropriate time and in the right amount.

For example, you should have taken your medicine 7 in the morning, but you have only realized you forgot to take it at 9 AM. Rather than taking the pill now, follow your next dose schedule instead.

Also, don't forget to follow your doctor's instructions!

#MedicationManagement #doseSchedule #HomeCare
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Missing Medications May Affect Your Health

Not only will you have trouble dealing with your symptoms, but you could also develop disease complications. Use a handy pill organizer to sort your meds and a reminder on your smartphone to prevent you from missing doses.

#MissingMedications #DiseaseComplications #HomeCare
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Flu Can Delay Your Wounds from Healing

Flu can only deal you with a runny nose, cough or a sore throat, but it shouldn't be taken lightly.

This is because flu can lower your body's immune defenses.
When your immune system is weak, you're more prone to developing infections on your wounds.

Special care must be taken to keep the healing process on the right track.
Get enough rest, reduce signs of inflammation in the infected area, and eat healthily.

Promise Home Care Agency, Inc. will help you get better.
Contact us today!

#Flu #WoundsHealing #HomeCare
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Can Food Advertisements Affect Your Diet?

They certainly do.

Commercials about food can be very appetizing.
You can almost smell the scrumptious scent thanks to the high definition of your TV set.

Maybe you even experience the need to check your fridge or order food for a snack after a delicious commercial comes on.
If you're watching your weight, you can avoid getting hungry during commercial breaks by:

Drinking plain water.
Getting some cleaning done during a commercial break.
Using the commercial break as an exercise challenge (for example 10 sit-ups for every break.)
#DietMonitoring #FoodAdvertisements #Diet
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When Was the Last Time You Had a Great Conversation?

Having a chat is one way to pass the time, it can also…

-Change your mood and lift your spirits.
-Give you a chance to express yourself and your thoughts.
-Help keep you away from loneliness, depression, and feelings of isolation.
-Motivate you to stay socially active.
-Encourage mental activity and prevent cognitive decline.

Having a daily conversation is good not just for your mental health, but for your heart, and soul too!

If you need home care and good companionship, call Promise Home Care Agency, Inc. today!
#JoyfulCompanionship #GreatConversation #HomeCare
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Eat a Small Meal Before Getting Groceries

It can help you prevent overspending! After all, you won't be enticed to pick out snack items you don't really need. Let Promise Home Care Agency, Inc. give you an extra pair of hands when going shopping, send us a tweet!

#Groceries #HomeCare #Shopping
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Perils You Set Off for Yourself by Sleeping Less

As you get older, you may find yourself overwhelmed with so many duties placed on your shoulders. When there’s so much work to do and too little time to get them done, you could be led to trimming down your hours of sleep instead. 
Persistent lack of sleep may save you from deadlines but it cannot spare you from these perils:

-Serious health problems like stroke, heart issues, and depression
-Drowsiness, causing road accidents 
-Forgetfulness, poor judgment, and impaired concentration
-Quicker skin aging
#Perils #SleepingLess #HomeCare
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3 Necessities for Medically Fragile Children’s Sense of Security

“Medically fragile children” is a term used to refer to children whose complex medical conditions require round-the-clock nursing care. 
Because of the many discomforts they can encounter in a day, it is important that parents give priority to medically fragile children’s security. Security can come in these forms:
a.Unwavering Support
Parents ought to make their love, care, and support constantly felt and seen. 
b.Unconditional Acceptance
Being completely accepted despite upsetting conditions reduce tendencies of low self-esteem. 
c.Undistracted Home
The home needs to be the child’s best haven, along with home care services.
#Necessities #MedicallyFragile #ChildrensSecurity
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Term of the Day: “Traumatic Brain Injury”

Traumatic Brain Injury, also known as TBI, is an injury of the brain caused by an external force. Approximately 1.5 million Americans are said to suffer from the injury each year ( Vehicle accidents & falls have become two of its common causes.

#TBI #TermOfTheDay #BrainInjury
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