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Hello Folks, Wildlife Odyssey blog has a new look and feel. Click on this link to follow to new address:  WILDLIFE ODYSSEY

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New members into wildlife odyssey
Everyone will have a wishlist in their life, some will be fulfilled and some dont. I am happy and grateful for what I have got in my life. There are 2 new additions into wildlife odyssey.. The name Bullet by itself is very manly and it had been my dream to ...

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Bandajje - Arbi : the serene landscapes...
knocks only once, and it happened to me as well. I got an opportunity
to visit Stockholm on project assignment for two years. Beautiful
country with lots of greenery and clean air and nice people. lot of
things to learn from them. I
arrived at N...

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Welcome 2014 – HAPPY NEW YEAR
was all set to welcome New Year; govt. had organized New Year bash by the river
at slussen lighting fireworks
to mark the New Year. The celebrations generally go on past midnight into
January 1 New Year day. The temperature had dropped to 2 deg in...

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Merry Christmas…God Jul
Christmas feel had started on Dec 13 th by celebrating St.Lucia´s day
an awesome welcome by small children dressed with white and red sash
around waist and a crown of candles on the head.  Lucias also
visit hospitals and old people's homes singing a son...

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An Introduction to Swedish culture FIKA….:)
I was introduced
to the Swedish way of celebrating a break called FIKA, it is a coffee break
with your team mates, friends or family members it is pronounced as fee-ka basically
means "drinking coffee ", accompanied by something
sweet like cakes, Cinnamon b...

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Access to public transportation in Stockholm
An SL card is your ticket to travel in all the public transportation in Stockholm. SL stands for: Storstockholms Lokaltrafik AB, SL is an organization running all public
transportation in Stockholm. There are several contractors working for SL like
Arriva, ...

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STOCKHOLM - The city known for its beauty, its buildings, architecture, parks and many castles…
I was overwhelmed with joy when I was selected for a project
at Stockholm capital city of Sweden, but the same time I was little bit disappointed
because I am missing the most exciting TIGER Census which was in couple of
days. My VISA and tickets were ready...
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