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Are You Brave Enough?
“Live as if you were to die tomorrow” Mahatma Gandhi I recently read an article, on some on-line publication I
cannot recall, about how so many of us take tomorrow for granted.   Two of my immediate family members have died
in accidents that killed them ins...

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3 Little Pumpkins It has been a while.   Life has been busy.   The babies
are growing up and my oldest has lost four teeth.   The kiddos are smart, funny and have a lot to
do.   The space sits here and in the back of my mind.   It creeps up and I breathe in...

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Checking In
Hello Bloggyland
and my few remaining followers.    Sorry
for my absence.   Two little babies and
life simply got in the way.   I’ve wanted to
write several times but did not.   It’s been an
exciting year; welcoming two new souls into our family…at once.  T...

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And Then There Were 5
Thanks to those who diligently checked up on me during the past 2 months. I'm happy to report my family is now a wonderful family of 5. The girls (AV & BV) were born on February 6th and we all came home 2 days later.  The babies are so sweet and we are very...

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A Brief Stay or a Lesson on Humanity
Still Pregnant! I had some complications from the stomach flu mid December resulting in a week long hospital stay.  Good news is the babies are okay and I'm still pregnant.  The hospital experience left me with a few things to ponder. ( I mean come on it wo...

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My second children's book, Kensie Cooks, The Lost Recipe now available!

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Moving out of serious town...

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