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Ketta Tregul
Self-appointed ambassador & editor to the noble mule herd...
Self-appointed ambassador & editor to the noble mule herd...


We thought the Google dance floor deserted, on first arrival. Is this + thing still... on?

The herd got lost on its way to MySpace, and here we are, a full menagerie! Sad to see, this land of Google engineers and... whoever else. Hardly much here worth trampling. Is that Buzz in the corner?

But then our eyes landed on +Michelle Robbins A glorious turnaround. Perhaps there is life here yet.

On this business of my being a cat... I fear it will shrink your finger from that sparkly Circle button. Do give in... it means so much to be circled! It's a button! A circle, no less... like a laser pointer swirled on short-nap carpet, or a placeholder for numbers of importance... the circle cannot be four-squared... words cannot do circles full justice.

Yes, a circle of trust. Plus your world. And me but a cat. Mind you now, I'm only the Mules' messenger... and it's in your heart, I know it -- yes, you can stand a cat such as I, a cat that can quote the Princess Bride?

A cat that prefers Picardian diplomacy? A cat that drums her paws in silent reverie to War Ensemble? A cat that bakes... a cat that barks?

Oh, but I do so aim to please...
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