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Discount cellphone sites come with double dose of termination fees, hassles

Buying a smart phone from a third-party, discount online retailer might seem like a shrewd move, but a $50 discount could cost you $400 later if something goes wrong, in addition to any early termination fees charged by the carrier. That means consumers who buy from big-name third-party retailers like +Target Coupons or +RadioShack or +Walmart or +Simplexity or +Wirefly could end up facing up to $750 if they prematurely cancel service. It also means consumers might be hit with a big bill from an unexpected place.
i wish i could get my soon to be 37 year old daughter a new cell phone.. hers is really going to crap on her...
I wonder if Target realizes that people would go to it, rather than Walmart and practically every other store. They are very well organized and clean.
Be on the look out for Target coupons on the Paid2Save app on Android and Apple. Access code is 96778.
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